September Full Moon and the Annual Japanese Tsukimi Festival

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September Full Moon and the Annual Japanese Tsukimi Festival

In Imperial Japan, the Tsukimi Festival was initially celebrated by gregarious Japanese aristocrats during the autumn full moon. They would cruise on their boats while admiring the reflection of Tsuki-Yomi, the Japanese moon god, on the surface of the water. In celebration, they read and wrote tanka poetry, sipped sake, and ate white rice dumplings and chestnuts, while bathing in the magic and mystery of the moon. They thanked Tsuki-Yomi for their bounty and looked forward to more abundance in quiet reverence. The Japanese traditions honor the magnitude of simple gestures and rituals and they reconnect us with the true form in the present moment. This month, we are bringing this practice to Sage Goddess, to remind us of the importance of minimalism and finding what is truly important to you. The beauty of this is that you can find your Zen by just being present. This is your invitation to more peace, and freedom from material and mental attachments.

Today, the Tsukimi Festival, an annual moon and harvest festival, is celebrated with serene gratitude and whispered conversations. Poetry, snacks, and drinks are enjoyed on a blanket with loved ones under the autumn full moon. The Tsukimi Festival is also a celebration of the self, as the moon symbolizes our emotional bodies. Celebrating its radiance allows us to also honor the beauty inside of ourselves.

Japanese have always celebrated festivals and traditions with simple practices, giving more importance to the intention behind the celebration rather than the celebration itself. Aside from sharing a few meals during the Tsukimi Festival, they gather and share matcha tea – which is also served with wagashi or mochi – practicing appreciation and diligence, even in preparation. They delicately wipe tea sets and utensils with a clean cloth, steam water slowly, precisely, and artistically – like a dance. After the ceremony, all the teacups and utensils will be cleaned in front of guests and placed in boxes. This practice is a sign of respect for guests; a simple, yet grand gesture.

The celebratory practices of Tsukimi cater to the spirit – the preparation and consumption of delicious food, reading and writing poetry, and honoring intimate connections within ourselves, our relationships, and the Universe. Simply being in stillness and contemplation allows you to practice mindfulness and gratitude, which then opens the door to prosperity and abundance. This alignment within yourself assures balance and flow. Gratitude, acceptance of self, and positivity attract abundance and prosperity.

The Tsukimi Festival always falls in mid-autumn, making it the perfect time for an outdoor ritual as the air is crisp and light. As the moon slowly splashes its brilliance over your space, make the Tsukimi Festival your own by gathering with your loved ones, lighting candles or lanterns, practicing mindfulness and gratitude when preparing food, reading poetry, or simply gazing up at the moon in reflection. When you celebrate the harvest moon, celebrate with activities that feed your soul and illuminate it, and you will honor the tradition of Tsukimi with grace.

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