Your Direct Connection to Source: The Crown Chakra

Chakra The Crown Chakra

Your Direct Connection to Source: The Crown Chakra

Have you ever simply “known” something that wasn’t a piece of knowledge you explicitly learned? Have you experienced the feeling of being connected to higher realms and your own divinity simply by falling deeper into meditation or being in a place where you feel energetically protected and safe? If you’ve ever felt this, chances are you were resonating with your Crown or Sahasrara Chakra – your center of embodying, connecting to, and channeling higher knowledge. It’s through the Crown Chakra that we connect to Source and carry this energy into our daily lives. In this blog, “Your Direct Connection to Source: The Crown Chakra,” I’ll show you how to open your Crown Chakra and truly recognize the Divine power you hold.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Take note of your sense of interconnectedness. Do you feel an innate tie to the energy that surrounds you, to the energy that extends beyond this realm of space and time? Or are you more attuned to the vibration of this physical plane? While concentrating on reality in the here and now is important for everyday life, failing to open up to what’s beyond this world can lead to a lack of faith in what’s to come – which gives way to a less fulfilling existence. When you activate your Crown Chakra, your sense of trust in the universe is strengthened, and you’re able to embrace the infinite knowledge that lies within.

Violet & The Violet Ray

The color violet has long been associated with spirituality, Source, and the Crown Chakra. Violet has the highest frequency in the visible spectrum, and what is beyond violet is invisible to the human eye. One of the most profound spiritual discoveries ever is the Violet Ray. It’s the quintessence of unique spiritual light and is directly associated with the Crown Chakra. Across time and space, mystics have grasped a glimpse of a “spiritual spectrum” beyond the physical spectrum of light that can be seen by the human eye. The Violet Flame emerges from the Violet Ray and brings all the high vibrational light qualities of Source/Creator energy – mercy, forgiveness, freedom, love, and transmutation.

The Crown Chakra in Astrology

The Crown Chakra is associated with Jupiter, the planet of expansion and growth. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and carries powerful energy of possibility and abundance. Jupiter encourages us to trust in a higher power. This planet is the traditional ruler of the astrological signs Sagittarius and Pisces. We know Sagittarius to be the zodiac sign of truth, freedom, and simply “going for it” without looking back. Pisces is the sign of interconnectivity – allowing us to connect deeply with both our own inner wisdom and the spiritual world. Jupiter, Sagittarius, and Pisces energy all tell us that if we simply trust our innate knowledge and that something greater has our best interests at heart, divine blessings will come to us.

The Crown Chakra in the Tarot

In the tarot, the Crown Chakra is linked to one of the most powerful Major Arcana – The Hermit. In the traditional Rider-Waite deck, The Hermit is depicted as a cloaked man on a mountaintop with a lantern. This card represents coming back to yourself and your spirituality, maintaining a high vibration even in the darkest of times and places. He’s a pioneer, and with his lantern, he paves a path to enlightenment through introspection. The Hermit shows that the answers and otherworldly knowledge are all available to you if you sit still and truly connect to the stream of energy between you and Source.

The Crown Chakra and Starseeds

Connecting to starseed lineage is an excellent way to plug into this energy center. We’re all multi-dimensional beings, and we’ve all had lifetimes in different places and forms – therefore we’re all starseed or star children. Connecting to starseed lineages simply means you’re connecting to the energy of different star systems, which not only brings knowledge but enhances your connection with all that is. The Andromedan star system is associated with the Crown Chakra. Connecting with this star system brings passion for spiritual evolution and allows you to step into your sovereignty and autonomy. It’s full of freedom, expansion, and faith in the unknown.

Opening Your Crown Chakra with Crystals


Amethyst is all about connecting with Source and its name comes from the ancient Greek word “amethystos,” which means “not drunk.” It’s a gem of the Violet Ray and brings divine energies of protection, mercy, love, forgiveness, freedom, and transformation. Amethyst has long been associated with spirituality and the Crown Chakra. It can help you fall and stay asleep, enter into deeper states of meditation, and its high frequency naturally repels lower energies. It brings a clearer understanding of your life experience and helps to integrate higher wisdom. Working with amethyst brings balance, peace, purification, detoxification, unity, and spiritual evolution.

Purple Fluorite

Purple fluorite is a stone for soul work that helps expand your consciousness and deepen your spiritual practice. Beyond activating the Crown Chakra, it enhances your psychic ability, clarifies your dharma, and attracts new opportunities. Fluorite cuts through the mental clutter and confusion. It helps you to become more discerning in what you allow in, bringing scattered energies and thoughts into greater cohesion. Purple fluorite is a stone of higher realm connection and manifesting your purpose, allowing you to align your natural talents and gifts with your higher calling.

Embodying the Crown Chakra

Here’s what it all boils down to – how do you carry this energy into your daily life and BE a walking connection to Source? First, it’s important to understand that the peace, wisdom, insight, and information from higher realms is an energy stream that’s always accessible to you. Having a daily practice (even if only a few minutes) that resonates with you personally and makes you feel connected to that energy stream will not only bring a sense of calm. It will make a major difference in receiving that divine clarity and knowledge. Don’t be afraid to bridge that gap between you and the unknown! When you open yourself to the channel of Source energy, great healing, interconnectedness, and understanding of yourself and the world will be readily available to you.

In Closing

To open your Crown Chakra and connect with the divine energy of Source and the higher realms, meditate or develop your own daily practice that allows you to feel connected not only to the universe at large but to your own sense of divinity as well. Remember you are made of stars – and while there is a vast amount of knowledge and wisdom to connect with in planes beyond the one you exist in, that knowledge and wisdom exists within YOU as well. Call on astrology, crystal magic, tarot, or starseed energy, trust that the universe has amazing things in store for you, and your Crown Chakra will flourish! As you connect to your Crown Chakra, repeat these affirmations to connect with your higher self and spirit guides, allowing the energy stream between you and Source to flow freely:

I am Spirit in human form, infinitely divine. 

I am surrounded by the compassion and protection of the Violet Ray.

I trust in the divine timing of the universe.

I am connected to Source, and Source is connected to me. 

And so it is.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

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