New Moon in Sagittarius – Mystery Calling

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New Moon in Sagittarius – Mystery Calling

Energy is building for the new moon in Sagittarius, and this one draws us into the center of the galaxy! On December 17, at 10:30pm Pacific Time, nature invites us to ignite new beginnings, as our ancestors have done for ages, feeling the excitement of new intentions and possibilities stirring within us. My dear ones, there is great light generating in the new moon! I am holding a very special pre-recorded new moon event that will be available on December 17. I do hope you’ll join me in your own time and time zone to set your intentions for the lunar month ahead.

New moons are always packed with potential, and in the sign of Sagittarius, we are inspired to expand and change our perspectives – perhaps even begin living a new version of truth. This pre-Yule, pre-winter solstice, and pre-new year new moon is very, very special because it aligns with the coordinates of the Galactic Center. This new moon is linked with the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way. The center of the Galactic Center is a black hole, emitting powerful radiation. In relation to our own human experience, we can apply this as the potential to draw in and release the old, in order to make room for the new.

The Galactic Center has the capacity to trap virtually anything within its gravitational pull. Metaphorically imagine the new moon (the joining of the sun and moon) within the Galactic Center’s field. The sun (representing our consciousness, vitality, and sense of purpose), and moon (representing our emotions, bodies, memories, and mystery) are subject to the radiation and black hole. Some say black holes are where things begin, including the Universe. We know things seem to disappear into black holes. We don’t know what happens when we exit the Universe. Are we being called into the mystery on December 17?

The Galactic Center is believed to direct, or transmit, divinely inspired knowledge directly into our brains. When we connect with the center of our galaxy, via meditation or conscious channeling, we can receive information we would have no way of knowing. This energy is powerful, and reveals mystery, often ahead of its time. A grounded connection with Spirit, openness to enlightened truth, and an anchored/centered self are necessary in order to work positively with the Galactic Center for the Highest Good. A happy relationship with what is at first seemingly “crazy”, and love of the pursuit of truth for the joy of expanded consciousness, will prepare you to download very specific and applicable intelligence. Almost every enlightened truth is first categorized as “crazy”. And people with these wild notions are said to be “out of their minds”.

December’s new moon will be in the twenty-sixth degree, and last decan of Sagittarius. The second and third decans of Sagittarius are two of the most otherworldly decans in the entire zodiac, associated with mystery and the great unknown. Planetary transits in the last five degrees (25 – 29.59) of Sagittarius are particularly associated with periods of major life review, and trigger the process of awakening. The Archer is ever-seeking greater freedom, larger playing fields, and foreign experiences. We think of Sagittarius as the gypsy, world traveller, philosopher, guru, and sage. Those with strong Sagittarian energy often resist settling down, “go big or go home”, and always want the back door left open. Why the resistance to commitment? We can best understand and appreciate this sign by remembering why it does what it does. The pursuit of truth and natural law cannot be found by doing the same things, with the same people, in the same backyard, with the same ideas and beliefs. To expand our understanding of truth, we must experience the unknown. The Sagittarian must leave home and all she knows to find herself. She will leave and return, “back where she started, for the first time”, again and again.

So, here we are, on the edge of something big; something that could change everything. If you are feeling in need of personal freedom and liberation, seeking to embrace the mystery and reveal more truth, use this new moon to set forth your intentions with confidence. Ask the Galactic Center a question, and really listen for the answer. Allow this new information to shift your mind into greater comprehension and conceptual awareness. If you can benefit from a new strategy that incorporates the bigger picture, embrace the new moon’s Sagittarian infusion and open your mind. Dare to challenge your own beliefs. Free yourself from the need to know and be right. When you start from a place you have never been, anything is possible.

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