Passion and Action Abound with the New Moon in Aries


Passion and Action Abound with the New Moon in Aries

This month’s New Moon in Aries graces us on March 27th. I’ll start by saying this: get ready for all the fiery passion and action.

If any given New Moon ushers us into a phase of fresh beginnings, this Aries new moon is like a steroid injection of promise and potential. There’s a confluence of energies at play from multiple cosmic sources.

These convening bodies are all about taking innovative and emboldened action in your life. It is a New Moon of pioneering creativity, and a second chance at resolutions if your New Year’s resolution has already waned.

How Aries’ traits influence New Moon magic

Use the Aries energy of determination, courage, and willpower to make bold new decisions that will catapult you forward on your path to Highest Good. Set the intention to birth new projects, or to commit to the ones that have been on the backburner. At this New Moon, you will find the zeal and vigor to go after your dreams full speed ahead. Aries’ New Moon shrouds your excuses in darkness and illuminates only the destination. Delay your plans no longer and start focusing on the action steps that will take you to the next level.  

Aries is recognized as the first sign in the zodiac, a placement that dates back to the ancient lunisolar calendar. So it is inherently the self-starting, go-getter sign among them all. This combination of Aries initiative, New Moon energy, and our recent crossing into spring are cosmic perfection for fertile ground and seed-planting. Aries’ lunar spell will awaken your passions and illuminate your gifts.

What to do (and not to do) as Mars and Venus energies collide in Aries New Moon

Aries’ ruling planet is Mars – the Universe’s masculine orb of passion-inspired action. This planetary source of fuel will activate your inner will at the New Moon, and you should take full advantage – but don’t be rash or impulsive. Part of the lesson in this celestial darkness is that failing to plan is planning to fail. Embrace Aries’ unabashed desire for more, but beware of that infamous Aries entitlement. You will have to work hard for what you want – now is simply the perfect time to begin laying ground and planting seeds in alignment with your greater vision.

Another pivotal lesson of this lunar phase is to choose your battles carefully. Don’t allow this sudden injection of zeal to thrust you into just anything; and this is where your careful planning will pay off as well. Whatever you decide to pour your heart and soul into has to be a project you truly love, love, love or you’ll quickly run out of steam.

Love is the key.

And that’s where the powers of Venus come into play big time. Yep, we have both Mars and Venus in prominent positions of influence simultaneously. Your renewed passion will be compounded by the rare Venus Retrograde currently happening in Aries. Venus is all about love and beauty, and guess what – Venus will also reach her own new phase (yes, planets have phases, just like the moon) on March 25th. So, with yet another source of newness energy swaying the tides, expect to be hit hard with reborn passion for what you love – what you truly love.  

What the New Moon in Aries doesn’t bring

With all this newness energy from synergistic forces, it may be tempting to expect easily earned outcomes. You’re wrong there. Just because the cosmos are pushing you into action does not mean the path will be easy or completely free of obstacles. Again – be mindful of the slippery Aries entitlement.

Be prepared before taking action and refrain from rushing into things. Be patient with outcomes, as our dreams take time to manifest and their unfolding may be more complex or complicated than you would like.  

And So it is.