When the moon transits Scorpio


When the moon transits Scorpio

I find myself in a dark expanse of tangled branches, aloft in the night sky, with only the faint glimmer of stars to light the path my vision must follow. Below me, a dark and tempestuous river flows, like one you might imagine carrying the souls of the recently departed to their final spirit resting places. I watch as the waves of black water rise and turn, and suddenly feel a strong arm reach around me from behind, clasping my waist, pulling me close to a warmth I can’t identify, and yet I intuitively respond by embracing the arm and wrapping its strength tighter around me.

My Divine Feminine seeks and spoons my Divine Masculine, finding an inner balance born of water and tears. Snake energy, scorpion, jaguar, crow, black bear – all surround me here in the void as I explore a material darkness that echoes an inner darkness I have only begun to meet. The warm embrace I find here is the embodiment of the Scorpio moon, strong and protective, and yet seductive, charming, alluring. All of my senses come to life as my vision adjusts to the darkness and I can see an inner world of magic alive here, amidst the spiders’ webs and jaguar’s silent trails through the uncharted forests.

Here, my anger is allowed, is safe. Here, I can explore my fears safely, knowing that these lower realm creatures are holding sacred and open space for my exploration. Here, all of my desires are indulged, and I explore them relentlessly with the curiosity of a child, for here in Scorpio’s embrace, I am reminded that I only have this moment.

The past, the future, melt solidly into the black waters of the scorpion river below me. I laugh, I kiss, I touch, I tease, I cry, I fight, I push, I pull, I surrender, I soften, I please, I satisfy, I receive, I allow. These experiences are the unquestioned domain of Scorpio Moon. Where I was initially hesitant to come down from my safe perch in the tree limbs, I now seek the nourishment of the black river, the quenching of my soul’s thirst for a deeper connection. I follow my thirst to the river’s edge and reach out my hand to gently touch the flow with my fingers. The water warms to my touch, and I then reach my entire arm, then my legs, then my chest, and finally surrender completely to the water, letting it take me, letting it move me without resistance.

And so it is with the Scorpio Moon – an invitation to move without resistance. To surrender to love, to the Great Mystery, to the river of passion that leads effortlessly to distant lands, exotic harbors, erotic connections.

I receive the blessings of the Scorpio Moon and give thanks for their arrival.

Amen, Aho, So it is.