Full Moon in Aries – Be Your Own Hero

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Full Moon in Aries – Be Your Own Hero

On October 5th, we will experience the Full Hunter’s Moon. Named by Native American tribes, this moon marks the time to start hunting in earnest in preparation for winter. The October full moon is also referred to as the “Harvest Moon” and “Dying Grass Moon”. This will be the first full moon following September’s Harvest Moon. It will rise just after sunset, creating the only night of the month when the moon is in the sky throughout the entire night. I anticipate the energy of this full moon with excitement, because it represents a great light in the darkness that we can harness for our own personal transformative work. I am holding a full moon ritual on 5 October and I do hope you’ll join me live in person or online.

Full moon energy is all about the cycle of celebrating the intentions you set at the new moon and bringing them to realization. While metaphysical practitioners use new moon energy to draw down the power of fresh beginnings – and embrace the world of possibility at their fingertips – the full moon is a time for completing and receiving what intentions you set forth at the start of the moon cycle. Although the moon is precisely full for about one minute only, you have 24 hours before and after this moment to harness the energy of that fullness. This gives you a 48 hour window for full moon magic and ritual.

This Hunter’s Moon will be in the sign of the Warrior, Aries. Luna is known for mothering and nurturing, and also for her fierce protection of family and those with whom she is bonded. Hand her the sword of the champion and watch out! How does Aries nurture? Aries displays and encourages independence, action, exploration, initiative, physical strength, spontaneity, and leadership. Aries, the sign of the mantra “I am”, is the embodiment of individualism.

Aries may swoop in to save you, whether or not you want to be saved. The “knight in shining armor” wants to save the damsel in distress…imagine his dismay when she is angry with him for interfering. She was perfectly happy in her current situation and does not appreciate his acts of chivalry, which to her seem chauvinistic. (Whether or not his/her heart is in the right place), Aries often doesn’t take the time to listen, understand, communicate, or cooperate. Aries will shoot first, and ask questions later. “Ready, fire, aim!”

The nature of the full moon is to illuminate; to bring awareness. In the sign of Aries, we have the opportunity to see more of ourselves in Luna’s mirror. What do you see in the reflection? Are you taking action in your life? What is the nature of your relationship with authority and leadership? Are you taking the lead without paying attention to the rest of your team? Or, are you following a leader you don’t respect, in fear of going your own way?

If you have become too dependent on external authorities in your life, this full moon could be very unsettling, perhaps revealing your anger; anger at not acting on your own behalf. Perhaps more than anything, Aries abhors weakness, cowardice, and failure to take action. The shadow side of Aries is a crippling fear of initiation and confrontation. Driven by adrenalin, Aries will “fight, freeze, or flee”. Always seeming ready for a fight, Aries can come across as both aggressive and defensive. If you are observant, you’ll see Aries running away more often than throwing a punch. And, Aries lives by a code of honor; Aries fights a fair fight. As a result, Ariens can be caught completely off guard by more manipulative and dishonest techniques and strategies.

Under this coming full moon, I invite you to ask yourself big questions and feel the answers rise from the truth of your heart. Are the intentions you are now releasing in alignment with your path and purpose? Where do you need to stand up for yourself? In what ways is your leadership a blessing to yourself and others? What support (friends, family, exercise, spiritual practice, etc.) can you provide yourself to strengthen and honor your unique energy and abilities? Do you need to put down the sword in a certain circumstance or relationship, in the interest of peace? Or perhaps you need to wield your sword with renewed power and dedication for the right cause, for the Greatest Good?

“As Above, So Below”. Let this full moon remind you of our interconnectedness. Without the mirror, we lack objectivity. Too much focus on the mirror, and we lose our instinctual individuality. May you find more balance, within and without. May we all learn to thrive together, without sacrificing our independence, and find the courage to express our individual selves and desires, without sacrificing relationships. After all, there is no self without other.

And remember, at the end of the day you are in charge of yourself. Ask for what you want and need, and respond with courageous action, especially when you are afraid. Be your own hero, and in being so, teach others to be the same. We will not all be executive leaders of the world, but we are each the CEO of our own life.

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