April’s Libra Full Moon: A Time of Reflection and Balance

Astrology Libra Full Moon

April’s Libra Full Moon: A Time of Reflection and Balance

Often known as the Pink Moon, this Libra Full Moon of April heralds the first appearance of the moss pink, or wild ground phlox — the 1st flowers of spring.

This will be the first full moon of spring for us here in the Northern Hemisphere, and of the autumn for those of you joining me from the Southern Hemisphere.

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Spring is here!

April is the first full month of Spring – the season of the sun’s return. In combination with the sun’s masculine fire energy, we are now fully immersing ourselves in a beautiful balance of dualities which can ultimately foster fertility, abundance and fulfillment. In short, now is the time to make your dreams a reality.

It sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? But let’s be clear about something. Where there is light, there must be darkness. Everything has two sides. And April’s full moon is certainly no exception to this cosmic rule. The potential for remarkable transformation will be immense, but a word of caution to the wise: mindfulness. Be mindful of your thoughts, intentions, and desires…especially the not so pure ones.

Mindfulness will make all the difference between reveling in the glorious manifestation of all your hard earned dreams, or coming away empty handed and disappointed, or worse, falling flat on your face in a display which can only be categorized as spectacularly grotesque. As with all things, the choice to sink or swim is solely up to you.

What to expect from this Libra Full Moon?

Positivity, abundance and good fortune. Yes, you heard right. Luck is definitely in the air, although the wisest choice you can make is to use this energy as fuel for supporting your emotional and spiritual growth. Psychic awareness will be empowered during this time. If you’re creative, this is your opportunity to transmute stagnant or mediocre energies into new artistic or creative endeavors. Thinkers, occultists, magicians, writers, painters, sculptors, musicians and creatives of all kinds—create to your heart’s desire, as you will have so much energy to work with.

Here is where things can get a little risky. Or simply challenging. It completely depends on how you choose to approach it. As everything is a matter of perspective and choice, you must willingly choose to seek out the blessings that are hiding just beyond your feelings of discomfort, anxiety, impulsiveness and greed. The darker the void, the greater the light within. The greater the resistance, the more abundant the blessings will be. Your rewards for acting with integrity and truthfulness will be beyond comparison.

A time to practice simplicity

There are many opportunities for abundance, happiness, and well being, but this is a promise with a catch. For starters, the influence of Jupiter having gone retrograde in early February will definitely stand between you and what could be a spectacularly sweet full moon.

The solution is simplicity itself.

This is the important lesson I want you to take away from this conversation—if what you desire is unrealistic, motivated by feelings of greed, or making use of deceitful tactics, there is a good chance you will experience great disappointment and loss.

Change will absolutely be felt during this full moon. Mark my words. But as mentioned, the manner in which you choose to react to it is even more important than the change itself. Acting impulsively or in an overly emotional manner can and will create unnecessary drama. Pay attention, especially when it comes to relationships. Be mindful of your subconscious impulses to rebel, cut and run, or tease others just for the sake of attention and excitement. If you are currently in a relationship, be mindful of sudden events, changes of heart, or mood swings, as these will only bring undue tension.

Begin anew

This full moon is ultimately a symbol of completion, so your attention should be firmly fixed on the now. Now is a good time to wake up. Now is the time to start a project, take an existing relationship to the next level, reconnect with friends, or take a chance on something or someone new.

Remember, you can only reap what you sow, and these fruits must last until the next harvest. If you desire what you have not sown, are wasteful, or keep all your blessings to yourself, things will not end well.

In essence, it’s perfectly normal to want more. You have the green light, so go for it. But beware—empowering energies will be available to you during this time, but they are to be used in service of the Highest Good of all. There is no room for greed, negativity, or unrealistic expectations.

Be mindful and you’ll be smiling and living it up in no time. Enjoy the balance!