Could It Be the Angels are Communicating with You?

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Could It Be the Angels are Communicating with You?

Have you ever driven down a familiar route only to – one day for no obvious or apparent reason – look up and discover a store, signpost, park, or garden that you’ve never noticed before that moment? Could it be the angels are communicating with you? Are you seeing angel numbers? This has happened to me on many occasions and each time, I questioned how could I have missed such a thing. I found myself wondering if what I had discovered in that moment had been there all along. After the back and forth internal conversation I had about not being present and missing out on what’s right in front of and around me, the chatter stills. I am calmed. A warm sensation permeates my cells, its very nature reminding me that it is OK. I am assured that I saw what I saw when I needed to see it. All is well and I am precisely where I need to be, knowing what I need to know. In this moment.

Such reminders are necessary in today’s bustling and do-driven world where we continually question how we measure up, if we’ve done enough, have enough, and are enough. It’s comforting and reassuring to know that even on a familiar road we can discover and learn and experience something new. Something new amidst the tried, the true, the trodden, the mundane. Something that has a message just for us now that it has caught our attention. And, it leaves us to ask internally or aloud, “Is there a reason why I noticed this today, of all days?”

Angels are messengers, but sometimes we misunderstand their language.
~Linda Solegato

I have been thinking and feeling into the myriad ways Spirit communicates to us and I am led to ponder on the angels, guardian angels, and archangels. These beautiful, ethereal, and celestial beings of light fascinate me. And I am deeply moved by them. I can always tell when the angels are near me. There’s a warm sensation that permeates my heart simultaneously causing tears to well in the corners of my eyes. It’s a feeling of unconditional love that we sometimes catch a glimpse of in our day-to-day interactions. You know the kind – a shared laugh with our loved ones, the twinkle in a newborn baby’s eyes, a sweet moment with our partners, an unexpected kiss from the wind as it lightly dances across your cheek, and more. For me, I know the angels are near because of the pureness I feel. There’s an undeniable quality of purity and peace that is present when the angels are close. It embraces me and wraps me up like the tightest, most heartfelt hug. You know it when you feel it. You just do.

I have learned that beyond what I feel, the angels are always communicating and sending us messages that speak to the heart of whatever it is we face and seek guidance on. What they desire more than anything, I feel, is to be in relationship with us. To watch over and protect us. To walk alongside us. To share in our sorrows and delight in the things that, and people who, bring us joy. What they want more than anything is to be a trusted confidante … a loyal and advised friend. In my experiences with the angelic realm, what they desire is to be in intimate relationship with us as we navigate the lessons of this beautiful yet sometimes daunting life school. Just as we look to a longtime friend for counsel, so too can we call on and look to the angels during prayer, meditation, and even in simply speaking to them. When it comes to us, their love knows no bounds. None. And when we call on them, they leap at the opportunity to respond and be with us. I feel nothing brings them greater joy than seeing us flourish and thrive in our Highest potential and calling, which they are here to assist us in.

Perhaps of all the ways our celestial team communicates with us, angel numbers are the form that people recognize the most. Numbers can be found in the make-up and chemistry of everything we hold dear, near, sacred, and true. Like feeling, numbers are the language of the Universe. Numbers vibrate on a level that constructs worlds! – which is why they are so important to and an essential means of communicating with the ethereal realm. Numbers are similar in nature to the vibrational frequency of the angelic realm. Each number has its own vibrational meaning, carrying with it messages that we can interpret from the Divine. When you observe repeating numbers or numbers in a sequence, then you are receiving Divine guidance from the angels on a matter that is of significance to you. These patterns and sequences of numbers are referred to as angel numbers.

I have prayed many times on an issue of concern to me and asked for the guidance of my angels as I walk through what feels like murky, unfamiliar territory. And then, a message will come in the form of a number. I’ll be at a red light behind a car with 222 in the license plate only to see the number repeat again in a building address or phone number. It is then that I know the angels are telling me to continue on the path I am on and to keep the faith. Angel number 222 is a reminder for us to trust, not so much in what we see but in what we don’t see, as everything is always working out for us in ways we do not comprehend at the time, ways that for now are evolving and unfolding behind the scenes. And like the prized cherry on top, I’ll see angel number 333 which lets me know the Ascended Masters are with me. These moments are such sweet morsels of pure bliss assuring and informing us that we are heard, we are seen, and all is well. (To read more on angel numbers and number meanings, please click here.)

The reason angels can fly is because they take themselves lightly.
~G.K. Chesterton

One of the most beautiful discoveries of life is that – although there are times when we feel lonely, we are never alone. For even in our darkest, most grief-filled and pain induced moments – and on the flip side, in our mind-blowing, ecstatic moments of pure joy – there are angelic beings standing there right in the center of it all holding, guiding, listening to, comforting, and cheering you on. And that is enough to celebrate and give thanks for, as it is a reminder that the life we live is not a solitary one, even when it feels that way. Open your heart, your eyes, your mind, and your soul to the splendor of the beauty that awaits you every day, in every second, and in every place. Listen with new ears to the music of life that plays for you day in and day out – it is a song of resilience, a song of strength, a song of appreciation, a song of love, and a song of sincere adoration. Because there is a song that plays for you, beloved. A sign that is written just for you. A numerical sequence that will repeatedly jump into your awareness. A kind word or gesture from a stranger that lands on your ears and infiltrates your heart at the divine right time. An unexpected sighting of a bookstore, garden, restaurant, or park along a very familiar road that beckons you to stop and come in. There is always a message and answer to every prayer and request. All that is required my love, is that you ask and then, simply be open to allow and receive it.

Your angels love you more than you would ever know.

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