December 2017 AroMagic Purchase

Welcome to a new month of AroMagic! I am so excited to continue this journey deeper into the world of aromatherapy using herbs and oils with you. No matter if you’re brand new to aromatherapy or knowledgeable and experienced, this class is a place for all to take their knowledge deeper. This month, we will be focusing on herbs and oils for truth, power, and purpose across all planes (physical, mental, spiritual, auric), which you received wonderful examples of in your AroMagic kits – lemon eucalyptus, bergamot, elecampane, and primrose.

Please note that the oils in your kit, if you purchased it, are undiluted and should be suspended in a carrier oil or lotion base before use on your body. And please do your own research surrounding any personal contraindications, illnesses, or issues you may have. Always check with your doctor, especially if you take any medication.


Lemon Eucalyptus – Corymbia citriodora, north eastern Australia
Zodiac: Gemini, Cancer
Masculine/Feminine: Feminine
Element: Air, Water
Planet: Venus, Mercury

Lemon Eucalyptus essential oil comes from the corymbia citriodora tree, one of the most popular eucalyptus trees in Australia, where it originated. In the 1950s and 1960s, Australia produced large quantities of the oil, but today, the largest sources are Brazil, India, and China. For thousands of years, eucalyptus leaves have been used in Aboriginal bush medicine, used internally and externally to treat gastrointestinal conditions, infections, colds, and skin conditions. With its broad spectrum of healing properties, including antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, and pain relieving powers, it has been used for a wide variety of ailments. Over the years, lemon eucalyptus has been incorporated into many traditional medicine practices, including Chinese and Ayurvedic. It is also a fantastic natural insect repellent.

Properties of lemon eucalyptus

Lemon eucalyptus balances, stimulates, purifies, and protects. It is known for bringing mental clarity, improving concentration, and calming the mind. It stimulates fiery pitta energy, which assists with healthy decision-making ability. Lemon eucalyptus is amazing in its ability to uplift the overall mental constitution. Used in a vaporizer, this pleasantly fragrant oil is especially effective in reviving and refreshing the environment, including everyone within its reach. Its nature is to bring freedom and opening – from relieving lung congestion to opening the Heart Chakra. Lemon eucalyptus is said to help one regain the trust, innocence, and happiness of a child. It’s known to help heal childhood and karmic issues.

Bergamot – Citrus aurantium bergamia, Italy (initial origin unconfirmed)
Zodiac: Sagittarius, Virgo, Aquarius
Masculine/Feminine: Masculine
Element: Fire, Air
Planet: Sun, Jupiter

Bergamot essential oil is extracted from the fruit of a small tree, and there are various theories on its origin, still without confirmation. Some say Christopher Columbus brought the tree back to Spain from the Canary Islands. We do know it was cultivated in Bergamo, Italy, and to date, Italy is still the largest producer of the oil. It’s been used in Europe since the 16th century medicinally and in cosmetics. With a lovely spicy, citrusy scent, bergamot is very popular in perfumery, still used in high class fragrances. It is also the flavoring in the famous Earl Grey tea. Bergamot is one of the ingredients in Glory Water, a spiritual water, or eaux in French perfumery, used in offering to spirits, for home protection, and in blessings and cleansing.

Properties of bergamot

Bergamot carries antiseptic, antidepressant, anti-anxiety, antiviral, antibacterial, deodorizing, and fever reducing properties. The Sun is the guiding planet for this herb, and as such, it embodies solar power that elevates the spirit, clarifies the mind, and increases confidence and inner strength. This herb enhances self-image and positive connection with one’s personal hero’s journey. It is emotionally uplifting and purifying, used to banish dark and negative energy. Bergamot evokes vitality, stability, and empowerment, minimizing self-victimization and despondency. It elevates energy and stimulates joy and happiness, helping you reconnect with your Higher Self and purpose.

Bergamot is a phototoxic essential oil which can cause photosensitivity and over pigmentation of the skin. Bergamot FCF (furocoumarin free) is made “sun-safe” through a re-distillation process that removes the furocoumarins that cause UV sensitivity. Care should be taken when using bergamot oil topically, especially in its expressed (non-FCF) form. It is safe and amazing for use as a vapour, blending well with basil, clary sage, cypress, geranium, jasmine, neroli, sandalwood, patchouli, clove, rose, lavender, and all citrus oils.


Elecampane – Inula helenium, Europe, Asia
Zodiac: Gemini
Masculine/Feminine: Masculine
Element: Air
Planet: Mercury

Elecampane dates back to Hippocrates with a long history of use as a culinary and medicinal plant, commonly cultivated in herb gardens. This tall, bright and yellow flowering plant grows during the hottest time of year and is associated with the Summer Solstice. While native to Europe and Asia, it now grows across the world, including southern Siberia, India, and North America. Elecampane is also known as horse-heal, elf-dock, yellow starwort, and scabwort. Its healing properties have been used for years to treat skin infections in horses and sheep. Its proper name, helenium, derives from Helen of Troy, and some legends tell of elecampane springing up from the ground where Helen’s tears fell after her abduction by Paris. Other legends say it was called helenium after the island Helena, where the best plants were said to have grown. This herb was sacred to the Celts, and directly associated with elves. It can be used to promote connection with the faery realm and all elementals – the smoke from the burning root will draw them near.

Properties of elecampane

Elecampane has a hot and dry constitution, making it an excellent remedy for clearing up toxic, wet conditions, especially lung/respiratory problems. Its correspondence with Mercury is readily observed by its ability to get things moving, connected, and communicating. It’s reported to be a wonderful healer of chronic respiratory ailments that include a strong emotional component. It is also used for digestive, skin, and female symptoms. The root of this powerful plant is used broadly and it is one of the most antiseptic and antibacterial herbs available. Elecampane can be used to increase the connection between mind and body. It is especially beneficial for those who get stuck in their minds, becoming detached from their physical body, health, and needs – it facilitates relaxation and greater trust in feelings. Linked with the Third Eye Chakra, this amazing herb enhances intuition, clear vision and clairvoyance. It is also reported to ease heartache arising from moving, and separation from loved ones, by bringing balance and soothing energy through adjustment to change.

Primrose – Primula vulgaris, Europe, Africa, Asia
Zodiac: Libra
Masculine/Feminine: Feminine
Element: Air, Earth, Fire
Planet: Venus

Primrose is a wild beauty with delicate blossoms that have historically enchanted artists and poets. In Christian Ireland, these plants were known to hide the keys of Heaven, and in Celtic lore, they are the gateway to the land of the fae. Cowslip, a relative of primrose, is prominent in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Primrose blooms in early spring and is associated with Beltane, symbolizing eternal youth and innocence – the fertile unfolding of life in all its glory and fragrance. As a flower of Venus, primrose holds powerful beauty and attraction magic. Freya, Norse goddess of love, beauty, and fertility is also linked with this plant and history is rich with similar connections throughout different cultures. Primrose and the fertile goddess seem forever connected. Embodying and evoking receptive, creative, mysterious, and nurturing feminine qualities, primrose flowers are used to decorate altars for various Moon ceremonies.

Properties of primrose

Evening primrose is used in oil form by women for premenstrual syndrome, infertility, and hormonal imbalance. Primrose is used topically for skin irritations and for healing wounds. It can be used as a bathing tea to bring out one’s inner beauty, making it more visible to oneself and others. With the power to ease anxiety, purify, protect, and bless, this herb can be used in many situations, especially those in need of harmony and peace. As a flower of the faeries, primrose helps open doorways to these magical realms, inviting the fae, devas, and nature sprites of all kinds to befriend us. This herb also promotes the disclosure of secrets, resolution of mysteries, and revelation of truth. By encouraging self-care, it rejuvenates you at a soul level, providing loving nourishment, so you can unfold, filling the world with your natural, exquisite beauty.


Bonus Oil – Sat Nam

Sat Nam is a mantra that translates as true name, true vibration, or Truth is my identity. This is the ultimate blend to support you as you sit, stilling yourself, and meditate within your inner truth. Sat Nam is an alchemy of geranium, clary sage, and patchouli essential oils. The sweet smelling fragrance of geranium will uplift your spirit by its aroma alone. Geranium oil supports new cell growth, helping you look, and stay looking, young. Its ability to support new growth also applies to all levels of transformation, including your spiritual evolutionary journey. Geranium instills a lightness of being and brings you in touch with your nature and vibrations. It supports you in surrounding yourself with vibrations that resonate with yours, and contribute to raising the energetic frequency of Mother Earth. Clary sage is magical for inducing vivid and lucid dreaming. It is also known for giving clear vision, helping to “lift the veil” when seeking your truth. Clary sage inspires self-knowledge and deep knowing – coming into your own inner wisdom. Patchouli draws success, abundance and wealth, but also grounds you, connecting you with the Earth, calling you into present time. It teaches us the importance and purpose of knowing, appreciating, and slowing down. Patchouli increases energy in the sensory body, helping the spiritual self come more fully into the body.