• Specimen: Mother of Pearl Mosaic Framed Mirror

    $ 165.00
    Cultivate the gentle healing power of the sea with this Mother of Pearl mosaic framed mirror. This enchanting mirror will bring forth oceanic energies of relaxation, peace, calm, and emotional healing. Do you resonate with the element of Water? If so, this mirror is for...
  • Specimen: Petroglyph Sphere

    $ 109.00
    This beautiful Petroglyph Sphere is made of Fossil Jasper – a wonderful source of protection, grounding, and ancient Earth wisdom. Place this gorgeous sphere on your altar to send energies of safety and centeredness all throughout your sacred space, or hold onto it in meditation...
  • Specimen: Pink Lemurian Quartz Wand

    $ 270.00
    If you yearn to cultivate the Divine Feminine magic of the lost Lemurian civilization, this pink Lemurian Quartz wand is for you. Embedded within this wand is the ancient wisdom that the people of Lemuria knew. Use yours in meditation or ritual to cultivate powerful...
  • Specimen: Lamp with Chakra Mosaic Glass

    $ 75.00
    This lamp with chakra mosaic class is absolutely gorgeous, and adds such a powerful dose of magic to any sacred space. Use this lamp to bring each of your energetic centers into powerful alignment. Bask in its soothing ambiance, and allow it to bring you...
  • Specimen: Twin Terminated Danburite

    $ 50.00
    This gorgeous twin terminated Danburite will open and activate your upper chakras, and connect you to the Higher Realms. Known as the Stone of Enlightenment, Danburite brings potent healing and is a wonderful tool use in calling forth your angels and guides. Measures 3.5″.
  • Specimen: Covellite Heart

    $ 250.00
    Rare and energetically potent, this Covelite heart is a gateway to re-connection with your deepest self and dreams. Work with this sacred tool to tap into your innermost magic, and to begin manifesting your longest-held visions into reality. Measures 2.5″.
  • Specimen: Violet Flame Palm Stone

    $ 24.00
    Use this beautiful Violet Flame Palm Stone to evoke the energy of the Violet Ray, which possesses qualities of mercy, forgiveness, freedom, love, and transmutation. This palm stone will facilitate powerful healing and spiritual ascension, and is such an incredible tool to incorporate into meditation....
  • Specimen: Buddha Incense Holder

    $ 33.00
    This Buddha incense holder makes such an incredible altar piece. Add this incense holder to your sacred space to call in the Buddha’s energies of enlightenment and wisdom. The energy that this piece holds is so sacred, and is sure to transform your life and...
  • Specimen: Blue and Pink Tourmaline in Matrix

    $ 195.00
    This beautiful Blue and Pink Tourmaline in matrix will bring forth energies of peace, Spirit connection, heart healing, and love. Work with this gem to cultivate higher consciousness, and to open yourself up to give and receive love. Measures 3.25″.
  • Specimen: Twin Terminated Smoky Chevron Amethyst Wand

    $ 67.00
    Do you wish to enhance your intuition and powerfully open your Third Eye? If so, this twin terminated Smoky Chevron Amethyst wand is for you. Incorporate this wand into meditation or ritual to open yourself up to Source wisdom. Measures 8.25″.
  • Specimen: Twin Terminated Skeletal Phantom Amethyst with Iron Inclusions

    $ 399.00
    This beautiful twin terminated skeletal phantom Amethyst with Iron inclusions is a powerful tool of intuition, peace, and protection. Work with this magnificent specimen to open and activate your Third Eye, deepening your psychic abilities all while remaining stable and centered. Measures 6″.
  • Specimen: Natural Rhodonite Crystal

    $ 75.00
    If you’re in search of potent heart healing, this natural Rhodonite crystal is for you. This glorious gem will powerfully open and activate your heart space, providing you relief from old wounds and making way for new love to flow through. Work with this stone...
  • Specimen: Green Tourmaline Pendant in 925 Silver

    $ 99.00
    This Green Tourmaline pendant in 925 silver is a talisman of empowerment, vitality, and stamina. Adorn yourself with this beautiful piece to take Green Tourmaline’s energies of strength, courage, and centeredness wherever you go. Measures 1.3″.
  • Specimen: Self Healed Clear Quartz Generator with Iron Inclusions

    $ 474.00
    This self healed Clear Quartz generator with Iron inclusions makes a wonderful addition to your altar or crystal grids. Work with this tool to amplify your vibrations and the magic of your other gemstones and tools. This generator will open and activate your Crown Chakra,...
  • Specimen: Morion Smoky Quartz Cluster

    $ 139.00
    This Morion Smoky Quartz cluster invokes the wise, healing energies of the Mother civilization, and carries messages just for you. Measures 9″.
  • Specimen: Hologram Rose Quartz Sphere

    $ 225.00
    This otherworldly hologram Rose Quartz sphere will attune you to the magic of Universal Love. Place this sphere in your sacred space to call forth energies of tenderness, kindness, and compassion, and to open yourself up to give and receive love. Measures 4.4″.
  • Specimen: Double Terminated Smoky Citrine Wand

    $ 45.00
    This magnificent double terminated Smoky Citrine wand is a powerful tool of manifestation. Work with this wand in meditation or ritual to attract all of the abundance that the Universe is waiting to bless you with. Allow the power of Smoky Citrine to fill you...
  • Specimen: Clear Quartz Generator with Chlorite Phantom

    $ 59.00
    This beautiful Clear Quartz generator with Chlorite phantom is a tool of amplification, Divine connection, and abundance attraction. While Clear Quartz serves to magnify energy and intentions and open up a portal to the Higher Realms, Chlorite works to aid in manifestation. Measures 3.75″.
  • Specimen: Double Terminated Clear Quartz Wand with Inner Child

    $ 84.00
    This double terminated Clear Quartz wand with Inner child is a magnificent tool of amplification. Use this wand to magnify the energies of your other magical tools, to seal your intentions, and to hold sacred space. Measures 4.5″.
  • Specimen: Yellow and Red Hematoid Quartz Sphere

    $ 74.00
    If you wish to infuse your space with energies of safety, grounding, and abundance attraction, this Yellow and Red Hematoid Quartz sphere is for you! While yellow hematoid quartz increases confidence and courage, and aids in manifestation, Red Hematoid Quartz aligns the Root Chakra, providing...

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