• Specimen: Rough Obsidian Spheres

    $ 69.00
    Pure, potent protection - this is the energy of these rough obsidian spheres. These beauties are for anyone looking to center their spirit and feel more safe and secure. If this sounds like you, use these spheres in meditation or place one on your altar...
  • Specimen: White Rhodium Plated Seymcham Pallasite

    $ 498.00
    This white rhodium plated seymcham pallasite is absolutely gorgeous - and beyond its stunning appearance, it carries powerful extraterrestrial magic. If you're looking to reach all-new levels of consciousness and deepen your connection to worlds beyond our own, this is your offering. Measures about 2".
  • Specimen: Small Powellite on Apophyllite

    $ 180.00
    This small powellite on apophyllite is radiating energies of creativity, clarity, and spiritual awareness. This stunning gem will open up your Crown Chakra, deepening your connection to the Higher Realms. It will provide you with the stamina and passion needed to bring your innermost creative...
  • Specimen: Fancy Bloodstone Sphere

    $ 145.00
    Deep healing of body, mind, and spirit - this is the gift of this fancy bloodstone sphere. Bloodstone is one of the most powerful tools for regeneration and renewal. If you could use a boost in Life Force and overall wellness, this is your gem....
  • Specimen: Axinite Spheres

    $ 76.00
    These axinite spheres are stunning talismans of grounding, strength, and endurance. Could you use an infusion of stabilizing Earth magic? If so, these spheres are for you. Place one on your altar or hold one in meditation to start channeling axinite's wonderful energy! Measures about...
  • Specimen: Phantom Chlorite Quartz Generator

    $ 800.00
    Prosperity and healing - this is the magic of this phantom chlorite quartz generator. Place this gorgeous specimen on your altar, at the center of a crystal grid, or anywhere in your sacred space to harness its otherworldly power. This gem will help you call...
  • Specimen: Rainbow Fluorite Bowl

    $ 110.00
    Everyone has a soul purpose - a Divine calling they were placed on this earth to fulfill. Are you in search of yours? If so, this rainbow fluorite bowl is here to guide you. Rainbow fluorite serves to illuminate your innermost spiritual gifts, leading you...
  • Specimen: Sodalite Pendants

    $ 47.00
    Are you in search of peace, tranquility, and rest? If so, these sodalite pendants are calling your name. Sodalite is a serene stone that soothes the spirit, pacifies dreams, and ensures deep, restful sleep. Wear one of these pendants to calm your body, mind, and...
  • Specimen: Kambaba Jasper Sphere

    $ 189.00
    This kambaba jasper sphere holds deep, primordial magic. Used often in shamanic journeywork, kambaba jasper facilitates deeper states of meditation and brings grounding, peace, and powerful protection. Measures about 4".
  • Specimen: Opaline Palm Stones

    $ 196.00
    Are you looking to enhance your psychic abilities? If so, these opaline palm stones will serve you well! Work with these gems to deepen your connection to all that lies beyond view. Hold them close as you meditate, read Tarot cards, or simply as you...
  • Specimen: Ceramic Buddha Statue

    $ 199.00
    This ceramic Buddha statue is a totem of peace, wisdom, and enlightenment. Place this beautiful statue in your meditation room, garden, workspace, or anywhere you wish to infuse with the magic of Zen. Measures about 18". ***Please note when ordering, this item runs heavy and...
  • Specimen: Gypsum Specimen

    $ 96.00
    This Gypsum specimen is vibrating with Higher Realm magic! Place this gem on your altar or hang onto it in meditation to channel its energies of peace, happiness, joy, and Divine wisdom.
  • Specimen: Lazurite Spheres

    $ 119.00
    Activate your Third Eye and open up to powerful Divine wisdom with these stunning Lazurite spheres! These beauties will attune you to the worlds of wisdom that exist beyond our physical realm. Measures about 3-3.5".
  • Specimen: Inderite Crystal

    $ 160.00
    Purification, mental clarity, and gentle grounding: This is the magic of this gorgeous Inderite crystal. Are you feeling called to this stone's energy? Place it on your altar or use it in meditation to harness its power.
  • Specimen: Pastel Pink Kunzite

    $ 120.00
    Is your heart in need of healing? If so, this pastel pink kunzite is for you! This gem will open your heart wide, helping you cultivate energies of compassion, kindness, and connection. Work with this stunning stone to open up to the abundance of Divine...
  • Specimen: Titanium aura fish

    $ 450.00
    Psychic ability, vibrant strength, and complete energetic alignment: these are the gifts of this titanium aura fish. This iridescent totem will open and activate your Third Eye and connect you with your innermost magic and power.

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