Holographic Self and DNA Activation: Upleveling Your Spiritual Practice

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Holographic Self and DNA Activation: Upleveling Your Spiritual Practice

What I love about our community is the way we blend practices for beginners, with wisdom and exercises to support those who are doing more advanced spiritual work – those who have been engaged in spiritual evolution for years if not decades, who are ready for the next level skills. If you find yourself in that second category, this blog is for you. If you’re a beginner, I still recommend reading further, and seeing what parts of this information resonate with you now. You’ll step more into this work at some point down the road, when you’re ready, and you’ll know it. Spiritual work is so completely individual and intuitive. You know what you need, you know when you need it, and in perfect Divine order, the most relevant information finds you at the perfect time. I won’t say this information is “right” for anyone as I’ve been guided to let that term fade from my vocabulary. What you think is “right” is only applicable to you, and so any practice I deem “right” for someone would only, in truth, be “right” for me. In its place, I’m moving toward words like “accurate” and “resonant” which come closer to a “true” sense of relevance and applicability – one that recognizes the deeply individual nature of each human being’s conscious process of evolution and ascension.

I say ascension because it’s been made clear to me that we are all ascending right now, making rapid progress toward our dharma or soul path. The entire planet is ascending and evolving and many are seeking comfort because in many cases, ascension is an uncomfortable process. It requires the dismantling and discarding of old narratives and paradigms that don’t hold under the pressure of time and exploration. Imagine trying to make the case for a flat Earth today – who would honor that as wise? Who would support such a notion? But spiritually, the equivalent of such a farfetched example is in place. Many try to perpetuate what are obviously unsupported ideologies even today as a means of clinging to what is safe and familiar.

But your soul is stretching in the opposite direction and extending her long arm back out toward you whispering, “don’t stay there – come with me. Come see.” When you honor this call, when you heed it and simply relax into the gesture of moving quietly in the direction of your soul’s authentic knowing, suddenly your deepest desires manifest with ease, and all that you seek presents itself to you as if it’s a gift from the Universe itself. The voice of your soul is a hologram of you – a part of your own light, a piece of your own consciousness, that is not bound by third dimension space-time reality, and so it flies free. It’s the liberated you. And it’s a voice you can trust because it’s so profoundly unencumbered. It’s old as time, and dirt, and bedrock. and has seen many civilizations rise and fall under unimaginable circumstances; yet it retains a sense of jubilant optimism because the essence of life cannot be destroyed or subverted. It knows loss and it knows expansive possibility, and it mirrors all of those concurrent energetic streams to you, inviting you to choose. Will you choose hope?

I offer this preamble to a discussion of the holographic self to help you understand that self in context – those selves. You have many holographic personae or masks, including the one you are wearing right now. Because all beings are made of energy, and energy is light, you are a being of light refracted, and each refraction is a you in a different dimension. You, in a different iteration. I imagine it like a thousand “me” reflection, each one experiencing one reality, each one able to communicate with, learn from, and heal alongside the other. Each one is a voice of an important awareness. There’s the little girl “me” who is still in that time-space, working through her childhood, coming to understand her separation from her parents as she forges one facet of her identity in this human coil. There’s the crone “me” whose children are grown and off on their own now, with time for reflection and integration of life’s Great Work, sitting like Penelope at her loom awaiting the return of Odysseus to help him integrate the wisdom of his completed life’s journey. There’s the fetus “me” still growing in my mother’s womb, still keeper of the wisdom from the lifetime before, not yet forced through the cervical tunnel of amnesia where I believe each soul sheds its wisdom from the lifetimes before in order to come through and willingly work through the terms of the present life’s sacred contract.

There’s the “me” that doesn’t know she has MS yet – hasn’t gotten that diagnosis or faced that fear, and I can visit her hologram in order to recapture the essence of that innocence when the heaviness of disease feels too much to bear. She is a great teacher to me. There’s the “me” that chose a different life path, because at each crossroads in your life, when you must choose between A and B, even though the “you” you know yourself to be made one choice, a holographic other “you” made the other choice and resides somewhere living out that other path. That path with a different partner perhaps, that path toward a different profession, that path to move to a different city or country. All those realities are playing out too.

All of this is happening to YOU right now, and as an empath believe me, even if you don’t consciously feel the swirl of all these simultaneous realities occurring at once, your spirit is fully aware and it’s important to be mindful with your attention in every moment. Are you living in those past holograms, those future holograms, or this one right here and right now? Do you play holographic hopscotch all day and then wonder why you’re worn out?

Keep in mind that not all of what I’m describing is within your control. Holographic lovers, friends, colleagues can call on your energies, pulling you back or pushing you forward. When you “think” of someone and all of a sudden they call you, that’s holographic contact. Somewhere in the holographic dimensions, you made contact and then enacted that contact in real time, in third dimension space. Coincidences are nothing more than mortal proof of holographic activity.

Your DNA then is a holographic code, a code that is known to all beings across space and time, and a code that is used to access your energetic stream by other conscious beings. Because there are healed versions of you in the holographic realms, you can access your healed codes and bring them into present time, ‘harvesting’ what is needed in order to shift any paradigms of illness or disease. It is believed that during the Lemurian times, each of us had multiple strands of DNA specifically for the purpose of harvesting and healing our own and each other’s without sacrificing the integrity of the primary strand. You can activate parts of your genetic code that are dormant, to shift your emotional well being, your physical well being, and your level of spiritual awareness. Want to accelerate your learning, enhance your intuition, or come into prime physical shape? Those are codes and you can access them. Your higher self becomes the conduit to this information. At the new moon, call upon your higher self to activate ‘new’ codes (I say ‘new’ because they are new to you but not new at all – they already exist in other iterations of you in this moment). Ask to be recoded for optimal health, expanded awareness, enhanced prosperity, deeper peace.

Many believe that re-coding takes place in dreamtime or journey space. That is why meditation, relaxation before sleep, and journey work are so critical for those on a developed spiritual path. Those are the times when your guides and higher self have easier, less mitigated access to your energetic field. Because even if you seek this assistance, on the subconscious plane you might still be in a place of resistance or fear. Ask for what you seek, and then allow ample time and space for your spirit allies to work on your behalf. You won’t “know” when the process is complete but you’ll “feel” it. You might feel like you’re shapeshifting, shedding old skin, becoming someone new. Those are the words we have in our vocabulary that feel most accurate when describing such an amorphous phenomenon. But in reality, you’re not shedding anything – you’re receiving, adding, and integrating levels of who you are and have always been. 

That’s the magic of holographic reality. It’s all already happening. When you allow it into your awareness and become a conscious partner in the process – by asking for new streams or codes, for example, to align with your purpose and goals – you allow it to happen faster. And that’s what the rest of us see as spiritual evolution. We witness your integration, get inspired by it, and desire it for ourselves.

May this process bless you in many ways. Our planet is ready for this fuller version of you to come into being. Thank you for bravely showing up to the work of your life right now. Amen, A’ho, So it is.

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7 thoughts on “Holographic Self and DNA Activation: Upleveling Your Spiritual Practice

  1. This was very informative, I never would have thought or looked at myself in this way. I will definitely be doing NEW moon, and connecting with my `other’ selfs. Thank you Athena!

  2. This completely resonated with where I am in my journey. I still have some resistance, but I can feel the shift. I have shifted quite a bit most of it this past year and I have more to go. Thank you for the gift of knowledge and wisdom that you share. 😊

  3. Thank you for this, Athena. It resonated so much for me and lent clarity to what is going in with me and through me right now. Such beautiful wisdom and insights. Love & Blessings to you…thank you for allowing your vulnerabilities to show as well. ❤️

  4. I seek out points of view with a bit of meat on the bones like this. This is an area I think about often but never considered that codes could be accessed from part of my self that have already mastered something this part of self struggles with.
    Mt spiritual journey was interrupted by a marriage that turned muggle. I felt myself dying inside and ignored it. Now I’m free and have resumed the journey. Im blessed to have you as a resource who I can relate to so well.
    Blessings and gratitude 💜

  5. This was a very interesting read. I had a revelation about a month ago that in my brain I had doors to health that had yet to be open. This blends well with what you have written about my Holographic self and recoding. I know I have this ability in me yet I have been puzzled as to how to activate it. I manifest it and am awaiting the communication that I am on the right tract. Thank you for your blog post as it resonated with me immediately. Is there any thing you can recommend to support me and move me forward in my quest? Diann

  6. Thank you Athena! Your words of truth and reality resonate with me. I realize I have so much more to do in this life, contemplation of past experiences, and the inner knowing that there is much more to accomplish. I deeply appreciate your words of wisdom, life is yet a puzzle that I am still unscrambling to become what I am meant to become or be. So for now, I am doing the things that I feel I’m intended to accomplish like Soul Shift and Alchemize classes. I am grateful for your lessons, meditations, blogs, ceremonies and offerings! Sending Love, Light and Blessings, Pamela

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