Shine Like the Sun at Litha

Holidays Shine Like the Sun at Litha

Shine Like the Sun at Litha

The summer solstice, also known as Litha, is the longest day of the year, but it’s only the very beginning of the summer months, with the hottest weather yet to come. Litha is one of the eight traditional Pagan holidays. Daytime energies are at their strongest during Litha, radiating mega-doses of vitality and love. The Sun, seen from an esoteric level, is all about love and wisdom. It’s the primary ray of energy from which everything else is created. It’s the heart of creation. The Sun never fails to shine, always ‘rises’ to meet us, and sustains life on Earth.

This year, Litha falls on June 21, 2023 — when those of us who practice magic speak of drawing down the Sun. This means connecting with prana or life force, both within and without. To draw down or bring out the Sun means harnessing radiant solar energies to have the confidence to let yourself shine and be seen. It’s affirming that you’re strong, vibrant, loving, warm, and filled with light. Litha is the Sun’s day, and the Sun is the center of our solar system. It brings us all back to our center, our hearts, and the creative source of everything.

Activities that Celebrate Litha

  • Tap into your creative spirit by crafting a radiant flower crown using fresh summer blooms. As you weave each delicate petal together, feel the energy of nature infusing you with vibrancy and joy. Wear your crown proudly as you frolic in the Sun-kissed fields, embracing the season’s beauty.
  • Indulge in a blissful picnic in a sunlit meadow, surrounded by the splendor of nature and fresh-picked flowers, enjoying seasonal fruits and vegetables and a cool, refreshing punch. Let the nourishing food replenish your body and soul while the Sun’s warmth rejuvenates your spirit.
  • Unleash your inner artist and create Sun-inspired artwork or mandalas. Work with vibrant colors, natural materials, and your own creative intuition. Let the process reflect your journey towards self-expression, authenticity, and the blossoming of your unique gifts.
  • Immerse yourself in the cleansing and rejuvenating embrace of a natural body of water. Whether it’s a crystal-clear lake, a babbling brook, or the salty waves of the ocean, let the water wash away any stagnant energy and invigorate your spirit.

Ideas for Litha Rituals

  • Hold a gratitude circle with loved ones, sharing blessings and celebrating the abundance and growth in each other’s lives.
  • Create a Litha prayer bundle incorporating herbs, crystals, and written intentions, and hang it outdoors to invite blessings into your home.
  • Perform a fire-releasing ceremony, writing down limiting beliefs or fears and burning them, symbolizing their release.
  • Create a summer solstice bath ritual, infusing the water with crystals and seasonal herbs to cleanse and replenish your energy.

Inner Focus

  • How can you embrace the abundant energy of the season to fuel your personal growth and expansion?
  • In what ways do you wish to tap into your authenticity and fullest potential?
  • How can you bring more light, joy, and abundance into your daily life and relationships?
  • What steps can you take to cultivate a deeper sense of gratitude and appreciation for the blessings in your life?

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