Deep within the impenetrable primordial forest, far from the influence of man and under the full moon’s light, the wolf runs free. Attuned to its instincts and at home in the dark wood, it partakes in a harmonious moonlit dance with Mother Nature. The timeless howl of the wolf calls out to your spirit, beckoning you to join in on its wild romp as you follow your intuition into the unknown. 

About Wolf Spirit Animal

Wolves are symbols of pure spirit, loyalty, guardianship, and mysticism. They aren’t afraid of the unknown or unseen. They run into the darkness guided by their instincts. 

Wolf spirit animal is revered as a great teacher in many traditions and cultures. In Lakota, the word for wolf, sunkmanitu, translates to ‘divine dog.’ In many tarot decks, The Moon card includes the image of a wolf guarding the gateway that leads to the Great Mystery or unconscious. Wolf Medicine is a beautiful combination of the freedom to run free and the loyal commitment to love and care for your family.

Wolf helps you discover your inner power and teaches you to trust and follow your heart. Wolves are fierce predators that follow their instincts and aren’t afraid to take action. Wolf reconnects you with your wild spirit and reminds you that you are in charge of your life.

4 Ways to Honor Your Inner Wolf

Get Out Into Nature

So much of our existence is lived out in low-stimulus environments — in front of screens and tucked away in drab offices. The wild spirit inside you is clamoring to break free and run among the trees as our ancestors did.

If Wolf spirit animal is calling to you, it’s time to sprint for the city limits and get out into nature — whether it’s a weekend camping trip, a refreshing hike, or a relaxing lakeside meditation. As you immerse yourself in nature, give into your senses and let your awareness expand, paying close attention to the sound of the birdsong above you, the scent of wildflowers in the wind, and the feel of grass running through your hands and the hard dirt under your feet.

Perform Your Magic Under the Full Moon

Wolves are guardians of the night who sing their praises to the Moon. Their wild communal dance under the full moon is a sacred ritual dutifully performed since time immemorial.

Here at SG, we treat our monthly Moon rituals with the same reverence. The Moon is a reflection of our mysterious nature, and some call it the home of our heart and soul. You can harness the power of the Moon by charging your crystals and tools under the full moon, making your own Moon water, or invoking the spirit of the wolf by giving your best howl under the full moon. It’s a liberating experience that connects you with your inner power and draws down potent lunar energy!

You can learn more about our SG Moon events here.

Bring the Magic of the Forest Into Your Sacred Space

As much as we’d love to spend our days running through the woods and our nights gazing up at the Moon and stars, unencumbered by roofs and walls and 40-hour work weeks, sometimes life compels us to put on shoes and sit at a desk. However, bringing the magic of the forest into your home is a great alternative when you can’t get out into the great outdoors.

Adorning your altar, mantel, or desk with favorite sticks, fresh pine needles, or woodsy scented candles and incense adds a bit of forest magic and Earth element energy to your space. You can also incorporate our Wolf Perfume and Wolf Lotion & Mist Duo into your sacred rituals and self-care routine to reconnect with your wild spirit.

Work With Stones That Channel Wolf Spirit Animal  

Working with stones that harness Moon magic, tap into your intuition, and unlock your inner power is an excellent way to awaken the wolf within.

  • Moonstone draws down the magic of the Moon. It’s a Crown Chakra gem of higher purpose, feminine empowerment, and fullness and symbolizes an answer to prayer.
  • Labradorite sharpens your focus and activates the Third Eye Chakra, opening your senses, enhancing your vision, and making it possible to see the world fully as it is around you. It embodies potential and is a great tool to work with when setting new moon intentions.
  • Blue tiger’s eye opens and activates your Third Eye Chakra, deepening your intuition and connecting you to the messages of the spirit realm. It guides you on your spiritual journey, serving as your compass as you advance along the path toward your highest calling.