Three ways to nourish and honor the Divine Masculine

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Three ways to nourish and honor the Divine Masculine

Father’s Day is upon us, and this time of year always raises important topics of discussion within me. Here at Sage Goddess, we’re constantly talking about the Divine Feminine and the integral role it plays on this earth. But what about the Divine Masculine? After all, there is no yin without yang, no goddess without god; just as the masculine needs the feminine, the feminine needs the masculine – which is why, in this blog, I’d like to share three ways to nourish and honor the Divine Masculine.

The masculine in its extreme is often seen as a negative, destructive force, a source of unchecked power and unbridled aggression – just as the feminine in its extreme is perceived as jealous, bitter, devouring, and smothering. When I encounter the extreme form of either, it triggers and saddens me – but then I remember that the extreme is just one narrow manifestation of this energy. I acknowledge the many other manifestations of necessity, beauty, and purpose, and I long to create a world in which the two can dance with and feed each other in the way that they were meant to.

The Divine Masculine does exist for a reason. It’s the energy that propels us forward, the force that gives as the feminine receives. Its role is to protect as the feminine nurtures, to act from a place of strength as the feminine acts from a place of softness. The Divine Masculine represents consciousness itself, that which never changes, and through the Divine Feminine, thought and inspiration come into form. Both forces exist within all of us, regardless of gender or sexual identity. They live in the spirit alongside each other, and the masculine provides the feminine with the backbone she needs to be lifted to her highest state of creative magic.

This Father’s Day, I’m calling you to ponder the role that the Divine Masculine plays in your life. How can we begin to heal and fortify this force, within the people around us and, most importantly, within ourselves? How can we nourish and honor it, so that it may, in turn, nourish and honor us? Here are the three ways that came to my mind.

1. Understand that compassion and strength are not mutually exclusive.

Growing up, many of us were taught to believe that compassion and strength act in opposition to one another. There’s this idea that the compassionate nature of the feminine denotes weakness, while the strength of the masculine denotes a lack of empathy – however, I believe that the two can, and should, exist in harmony within every one of us.

2. Teach your children to be both kind and bold.

In order to cultivate healing between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, we must teach our children to embody both. By teaching our children to hold qualities of kindness, empathy, and compassion, while also remaining adventurous, strong, and bold, we can show them that the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine don’t take away from one another – in fact, they feed and strengthen one another.

3. Be a father to yourself.

Lastly, I would like to challenge you to turn the lens inward and ask yourself: Am I in touch with my Divine Masculine? Can you be a father to yourself – a source of logic, firmness, action, and strength? Cultivate that part of you, goddess. Learn to possess the divine qualities of both the feminine and the masculine; allow that harmony to radiate out of you and bring light to the world.

The feminine and the masculine do not exist without each other, and bringing them into balance has the profound power to heal the Earth. Doing so will bring us into harmony with ourselves, others, the world, and the entire Universe. With that, I would like to wish you all a happy Father’s Day, from the deepest space in my heart. May this day serve as a union of the Divine Feminine and Masculine; may it forge the beginnings of a bridge of peace, trust, and possibility.

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