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Hello, and welcome to my newest online class, Introduction to the Major Arcana! This page is an additional resource for your journey into the art of tarot, comprised of information and wisdom to supplement our once-monthly live gatherings. Please remember that the knowledge I offer here is sacred and only for you, not to be shared with others without my express permission.

You have entered a blessed and enchanted realm by joining this class, a space of wisdom and growth. May it bless you.

I am excited to teach you about all 22 archetypes that appear in the Major Arcana of the classic tarot. I have studied and practiced tarot for more than half my life, and now we get to travel this Journey of the Fool together in 2016. Our journey will encompass aspects of crystal healing, life-path numerology, aromatherapy, and color magic. The art on all products associated with this course is original and custom-created at Sage Goddess. You’ll even see gems and crystals incorporated into each design!

I will be teaching a total of twelve classes this year, deeply exploring two of the archetypal cards of the Major Arcana per class. The last class of the year, we will gather our knowledge together and learn how to do powerful Major Arcana archetypal readings, so that you can use the cards to create various spreads for different divinations. You do not need any prior knowledge of the tarot to be in this class, and in fact, I find it valuable to enter this series with a clean slate. But even very experienced readers will find something new to take away from this class to enhance their understanding of all tarot symbology. In all aspects of magic, additional knowledge just deepens your well. All magical practitioners consider themselves life-long learners; I’m sure that’s why you are here!

My goal for this class and the magical tools I am releasing is to help you build a multi-sensory experience with each card’s Universal archetype. During our classes, we will incorporate the candle, perfume, and stones into our studies and rituals. These exclusive sets are designed for those who wish to experience the deepest possible connection to the cards. I have created two kits to be released each month, aligning with the cards we are studying. They are designed to invoke all of your senses; as each card has inherent scent, color, and tactile correspondences. Scent is utilized with the candle and perfume, and you will be spiritually stimulated with each crystal, as well. The ritual sets are optional but limited, and I do recommend that you get them for the fullest experience of the course, as we will be working with the tools during our meetings.  

If you’re called to them, you’ll know. I believe that’s the case with all sacred tools.


The FoolThe tarot is a rich and powerful story, a journey through life, the Universe, and our souls. On this journey we start with The Fool, the first card we are studying together. Following his path, we will learn about each of the Major Arcana archetypes in great depth. The Fool is the dawning figure of the tarot, number Zero in numerological ascension of the cards. He represents the beginning; he is where we all begin. He is our protagonist, the star figure of the hero’s (or heroine’s) journey. He is depicted as a young man, walking nonchalantly toward the edge of a cliff. He also has a small dog companion with him. He holds a white rose in his right hand, and in the other, a knapsack tied to a stick, representing his readiness to gain access to the vaults of knowledge housed in the collective unconscious. Much like us on this path of knowledge, The Fool is a clean slate, a blank page ready to receive all the lessons taught by each character he encounters through the Major Arcana. He is, as I like to say, unimprinted.



The MagicianThe fool begins a cumulative journey of amalgamated wisdom – each subsequent figure on his path adds a flower to the bouquet of his wisdom and learning. The first figure The Fool meets on his journey is The Magician. The Magician is, in a sense, the polar opposite of The Fool. He is number One and also number Ten in the deck (since 1+0 equals 10), and represents communication and the utilization of tools. Where The Fool has nothing but his adventurous spirit, whereas The Magician has many tools before him to aid his pursuits. He is shown standing at a table laden with treasures. He raises in his right hand a wand, while his left hand points towards the Earth. This famous posture can be interpreted in many ways, but symbolizes the gift The Magician possesses as a channel between Heaven and Earth. The first lesson The Fool learns on his journey is how to use the tools he will encounter along the way. We are going to explore what it means to apply this lesson to our own lives; how to use the sacred tools we are offered, but may yet be unsure how to use.


This is all I can offer you right now, until we meet on January 29th for our class! Until then, I urge you to explore your Rider-Waite deck, as well as the Tarot Ritual Kits, which you can either subscribe to and receive your tarot kit monthly, or get the January kit here. I can’t wait to see you in class.

Many blessings on your own journey to deeper wisdom,