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December Tarot – Major Arcana Card Spreads

Here we are at the end of our Tarot year on the Major Arcana. I can’t believe it’s been a year since we started our journey into the Major Arcana! Now that we’ve spent time exploring the Archetypes of the Major Arcana, which really represent our own various stages of journey through life, it’s time to explore the spreads we can use to do powerful Archetype Tarot readings in ways that will help you to better understand some of the biggest questions of your life. The Major Arcana cards typically highlight the Universal energies that end up having a major effect on our lives, whether we are aware of them or not.

You can choose to use any spread of your choice, such as a past, present, future or a Celtic Cross using only the Major Arcana or you can do a spread designed specifically for working with just these cards. As always, it depends on your intention and what the question is that you are seeking answers to. We will start simple with a past, present, future Major Arcana spread.

Three Card Spread

After clearing and shuffling your deck, draw three cards. Place them in order, from left to right, alongside one another. Card #1 is the past. This card represents the ways in which your past may either hold you back or propel you forward. It also speaks of anything fro the past which still has an effect on you – this can be emotional, energetic, physical, behavioral, or anything really. Remember, we are shaped by our past experiences but they do not have to dominate us. This card can show us what we need to let go of or embrace from the past. It can also shine light on things from the past which are now strengths and attributes. Not everything from the past must be negative baggage! Card #2 is the present. This is meant to bring your awareness to what is occurring in your life right now. It may represent an actual, physical event, or it may embody the energy of a current situation. It may speak of opportunities and/or challenges. Only you can know. Card #3 is the future, and can represent several things. It may embody what it is you are seeking in your future. Or it may represent what you direction you are headed in. If your reading is in regards to a specific situation, this card may represent your outcome

Perhaps you want to lay a Celtic Cross for more detailed information. After you shuffle and clear your deck, pull the first card. Lay them out in order as you see here:celtic-cross-tarot

Card 1: The current situation. The people and/or factors involved. Whatever you were focusing on or asking while you shuffled, this card represents it.

Card 2: This represents the challenge or immediate problem facing you. What you need to look at, notice, work thorough, release, or learn so you can move forward.

Card 3: Past factors which play a role or contribute to the current situation.

Card 4: The near future if the current path is followed. Represents the next step of the journey.

Card 5: Above – The highest possible hope, goal or aim.

Card 6: Below – The deep subconscious which is driving the situation/challenge. This can indicate what is driving you on a deeper level in this situation.

Card 7: This represents you and how you see yourself currently 

celtic-cross-tarot-spread-1-500x562 Card 8: Your external environmental factors

Card 9: Your hopes and fears having to do with the situation/challenge. This is one of the most challenging cards to interpret.

Card 10: The outcome of the situation/challenge. This is not set in stone, this is based on you following the current course of action. If this card is unfavorable, you can change your course.

Now keep in mind that no layout is right or wrong. There are as many ways to layout your cross as there are cards in the deck. Do what feels right for you and use your intuition when reading. If a crd feels like it’s telling you something, listen to its message. The 1 and 2 cards are always as you see here. But then, for example, you will see spreads and readers who may lay their cards out as 3 and 4 being above and below. 3,4,5, and 6 may go in any order around 1 and 2. Have fun with your cards and try new layouts. Do what feels right for you.