Summer Fest 2021

June 18 – August 13

Summer is here! It’s time to celebrate success, fertility, good fortune, and everything you’ve created and become. Summer calls for play, enjoyment, and fun. The Summer Solstice opens a doorway in time, one which our ancestors have historically viewed as sacred and holy. It’s not just that the season is changing. At Summer Solstice, all of nature surrenders to the fire of light. Litha symbolizes a grand portal of energy, space, and opportunity.

To celebrate the magic of summer, this year at Sage Goddess we are hosting an online Summer Fest from June 18 – August 13. A spiritual festival for the senses, with perfume blending, a powerful manifestation ceremony, our 10th anniversary, Litha, Lammas, Lion’s Gate, my birthday, and much more! For my Soul Shift members, we have exciting changes too. As we shift from the separation to conjunction alchemical phase, we are temporarily transforming Soul Shift Alchemize into Summer Shift Alchemize. So if you’re not already a member, now is the perfect time to sign up for my lifechanging online program.

The next few months are packed full of celebrations, exploration, fun, and learning. Mark your calendars, there’s a LOT happening! I can’t wait to share it with you.

July is THE month to shop! We’re giving away shitty kitties with prizes all month long just for shopping on Plus, one grand prize winner will get to design and take home the Ultimate Holiday Ring! And get one to keep! Learn more here

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