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Thank you for your interest in bringing Sage Goddess to your shop!

We are in the positive energy business and we not only craft and sell items, we do the spiritual work behind the scenes; that work is what makes us different. We are headquartered in a beautiful and sacred space in Los Angeles, where all of our items are created, charged, stored and shipped. At Sage Goddess, our priorities are energy, quality, and service. You’ll receive all three when you work with us.

We have a robust online community as well, and each week we engage more than a million people online, all of whom love metaphysical products and are committed to healing and energetic work. When you purchase or order from us, and when our tools come into your shop or sacred space, you will experience a profound shift in energy. And soon our online community will become familiar with you and your shop too. Customers who frequent shops that register accounts with us will be asked in our groups to share the names and locations of their favorite boutiques. In addition to quality items, we are committed to building an online family and you will be our newest addition. It’s an honor to connect with you.

People love Sage Goddess, and here’s why: We put a lot of care into crafting our offerings. Customers delight in sampling our artisan perfumes and exploring their inner goddess through our gems, minerals, smudge bundles, jewelry, adornment, and apothecary items. Order exactly what you need: We can hand pick five gorgeous stones for you, or send you stones by the pound. We also offer more than 100 different bath salt blends, body scrubs, cleansers, bubble baths, milk baths, facial cleansers, anti-aging moisturizers, and body mists too! Not to mention our extensive line of incense, smudging tools, and sacred decor items.

We, quite literally, have it all. And soon, you will too.

We are grateful for your interest, and look forward to working together to raise the vibration in our local communities. Let’s change the world together, one candle, one perfume, and one connection at a time.

Here are a few of the benefits we offer you as one of our SG sellers:

  • Connection to our global community and the energy of our work – Sage Goddess is beloved around the world because the vibration of our tools is powerful. Our items are crafted by a team of healers and artisans, many of whom are Reiki attuned, and led by the Sage Goddess herself, who has more than 25 years of training in Wicca, Shamanism, Buddhism, and Christianity, as well as Native American and tribal traditions. Our online spaces are extensions of this powerful energy; with more than 250,000 people in our gem, perfume, and metaphysical groups, your shop will be promoted to a community of people who know and love our brand, and have direct experience with our energy. We believe the energy makes the difference.
  • Special pricing on all of our offerings – including our world-famous gemstone perfumes, rare gems and minerals of all kinds, hand-rolled beeswax candles, hand-poured soy wax jar candles, bath and body products, jewelry and adornment, incense and smudge tools, shells, and home decor. Customers recognize SG, and will be so excited to shop locally with you, instead of waiting for items to be shipped!
  • Marketing and promotion – including special listings from your shop on our website, signage for your shop, and special offers, too. We will guide you if you want to connect with our virtual events, and hold live sessions in your shop! We want to integrate you into our offerings; when you hold events, you’ll be raising energy with us!
  • Sneak peeks and previews – as one of our preferred sellers, we will send you Magical Mail! When we create new perfumes, or receive special new stones, you can look forward to gifts from us that you can keep in your shop as a sample or use and enjoy yourself! Gifting is important to us because it encourages the flow of abundance.

Fill out the form below to open a seller account and we’ll send you more information, including pricing.
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