Why should I refer my local shop?
Having access to SG items locally means you can sample dozens of our perfumes at one shop, pick up ritual kits in time for the full moon and holidays, and get access to exclusive items locally. Imagine being able to shop for all of your favorite SG items in person! PLus, your local shops will receive sneak peek items so you will have the first look at exclusive SG offerings.

Are there any incentives for referring?
Yes! When you refer a shop that places an order with us, you’ll receive 2,500 bonus points in your online SG account which can be redeemed at any time.

What if my local shop already carries Sage Goddess?
That’s great news! You can ask them to stock any Sage Goddess items that you are looking for and let them know how much you love shopping for SG offerings. However, you will not be eligible for referral points.


Why should I carry Sage Goddess?
Sage Goddess is the world’s largest online retailer of metaphysical tools. Our handmade beeswax candles, gemstone perfumes, and collection of more than 1,000 tumbled and natural gems and minerals from more than 50 countries will enchant and inspire your customers. In addition, we want to share your business with our 250,000+ online customers who are committed to healing and energetic work. You’ll be exposed to a whole new set of potential customers.

How long will it take for items to ship?
Orders take 3-5 business days to process.

How much is shipping?
Shipping cost depends on the weight and value of your order. Wholesalers can select from standard shipping, or wholesale flat rate – whichever is more cost effective.

What is the minimum order?
We want you to order what you need, so we keep our minimum order amount at $200. Whether you buy in bulk, or in small quantities, we will hand select each item for you. Quality is everything to us.

What is the wholesale discount?
Wholesale pricing is private and is provided to sellers after they have signed up.

Can I use my wholesale pricing on discounted items?
No, you can only apply your discount to items at their full price.

My business is entirely online. Can I sell Sage Goddess offerings just on my website?
Not at this time.

How can I contact Sage Goddess?
You can reach us from 10am-6pm Mon-Fri at (310) 370-2034 or at [email protected].