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Full Moon in Libra – Lunar Eclipse

March’s full moon in Libra also marks a full lunar eclipse, bringing a balanced perspective on all types of relationship issues to the forefront of our thoughts and actions. At this time, we take a deeper look at our personal needs and those of others around us, to sense if there are any disparities in our relationships that require attention to be resolved and harmonized. Judicious Libra gifts our sensibilities with a healthy dose of conflict resolution, so we may use this time to carefully articulate our emotions into words to speak our truths eloquently, honestly, and honorably. This also invites a letting go of our ego, as sun in fiery Aries can often inflate it around this time, making us more aggressive or susceptible to defensiveness during confrontations. Good thing Libra is here to temper that with some peaceful calming energy. The combined lunar eclipse also helps to clear away any remaining negativity from the last six months of emotional struggles.


Last Sunday was Easter. I feel the joyousness of this day on many levels, regardless of religious affiliation. While Easter is the day of Jesus’ resurrection and ascent, its roots stem from the ancient Pagan celebrations of the spring equinox and honoring of the goddess Ostara. I think during this time we really see the energies of transformation, rebirth, and regeneration applied to Mother Earth. All of the trees are in full bloom here, and the sun’s path on the horizon is a little bit longer, giving us the extra warmth and light that will eventually carry us into the fullness of summer. And it is at this time that we honor the transformation within ourselves, as well. Now that you’ve sowed your seeds of intention for your goals and work for the year, now is the time to get down and do the real work it takes to see them to fruition. The tilling, the cultivating, and the watering of the crops of your creative passions you will nurture this year. Allow yourself to tend to your intentions fully and presently. Channel this energy of rebirth and resurrection to rise up over any doubt or fear you may feel in terms of what you’re working on. Now is the time to let all of that go, my sisters, as you rise up beyond the  struggles and embrace the transformation within.

Journey to the Other Side

This month I took a sacred journey with Ayahuasca, also known as La Madrecita or the Mother Medicine, to gather wisdom from the other side. I carried our group with me as I ventured into this space and wanted to share some of the messages here, as well as offer you a few journal questions that you can work with to access a deeper level of wisdom and knowing too.

shaman 1

One of the most striking features of my journey this time was the lucidity of my experience. I was awake and lucid for most of my process, and saw most images with my eyes open. The image to the left is a very accurate rendering of the entrance to this other space, which you enter through various tunnels that feel like round doors into another level and layer of awareness. You choose whether you want to enter; you can peer in, see what is there, and then decide. Or you can ask a question and then an answer can come from one of these places. There are many of these doors or portals. All feel tended by guides and masters, male and female, and some without gender. Hands are very important in this space, as much is visualized between the hands – both of the guides, and in my experience, of my own. In the very beginning of the journey, I created a circle using my forefingers and thumbs, which looked exactly like the image below and to the right. I was in fact quite shocked to find this image today as I process the experience, because I had never created this shape using my hands, nor had I seen anyone else create this image with their hands.

I found myself saying, “Show journey image 2me. Take me inside this space.” And then a glowing Flower of Life emerged that entirely filled the circle within my hands. It was perfect, symmetrical, translucent, glowing in silver and gold. The Flower then morphed into what you see the image above left, from the pattern of creation to a long hallway surrounded by tiny chambers of light, each one seemingly filled by a spirit, a being, or an energy. Before any vision was offered throughout my journey, a Flower of Life emerged first, like it was birthing whatever came next.

It’s protocol with shamanic journey not to share all of the details of your experience, so I won’t share all here – but I also know that not all of the details are immediately available to me yet, either. That’s the magic of it. What I really want you to know about this journey, what it represented for me and for our collective, was a reigniting of faith. All the things we talk about, all the things I teach you, they are real. The Flower of Life IS the pattern of all creation. It’s the alpha and omega. It’s what we came from and what we shall return to. It exists in our energy field, in our crystals (and by the way – my crystals I took with me, and yours if you participated in Shaman’s Song, were all glowing with the pattern from within). shaman 3I watched myself manipulate energy in the field and I learned through experience not just that manifestation is real – you can create your own reality – but HOW manifestation works. It’s as simple as a touch, a glance, a direction of your attention in a singular direction. All of that is real. Please don’t underestimate the intensity of your energy. There is a matrix all around you and you change it when you touch it. The Universe is different because of your presence, your touch, and your intention. I also saw how my thoughts pushed the field, which reinforces the power of your mere mental engagement. You don’t have to “do” anything to engage the field; you only have to be.

When you touch your crystals (or when I touch your crystals) a magical synergy is created between my field or yours and the field of the crystals, which generates an entirely different energetic display than either me (or you) or the stone creates alone. I went from knowing and trusting that to SEEING that and seeing the field morph in shape, color, and size before my eyes. It’s real. I’ll keep saying it – it’s real. All that we do. All that we believe.

I hope hearing that message brings comfort and validation!

The most powerful part of my experience, honestly, was the very beginning. I was there with BrookeLynn from my team, and once we drank the tea, we laid back together, side by side, looking up at the ceiling. And at the EXACT same moment, we both went “ahhhhhhhhhhh” because we both at the same moment saw the Flower of Life appear on the ceiling in gold. At the same moment. I remember saying, “there it is. There it is.” And away we went. We both played together with the geometry between each other’s fingers. It was so much fun to see the same things at the same time with someone I trust. We were not hallucinating; it’s not possible. We were seeing the same things in real time together, awake, eyes open, talking to each other. And I remember it all, clearly, without illusion.

Magic is real. And it’s just a touch away from you, in all things. Aho, so it is.

Introduction to our March work

We’ve touched on the effects of autoimmune disease, especially how it disproportionately affects empaths and magical people. The biggest challenge when dealing with the psychosomatic aspect of these illnesses is to learn how to stop fighting ourselves and stop caring what people think. When we shift our perspective, the mind works to rearrange the body, and it can actually heal itself from autoimmune disease. I also believe shamanic healing is a powerful way to reorganize your cellular structure to support wellness.

Some vitamins and crystals that can supplement your body’s recovery and help facilitate the healing process include Primrose Seed Oil, all of the B vitamins, vitamin D (dosage depends on your level – be sure to have labs run!), and Omega 3 supplements. You want the fish SKIN oil.

Gems that support autoimmune health include:

  • Eudialyte
  • Sugilite
  • Manganese
  • Green Calcite
  • Fuchsite
  • Ruby
  • Tibetan Quartz

Artemis Propels us Into Spring
March is the month of major transformation. The transition of winter into spring brings immense energies of regeneration, rebirth, and centers our awareness into what it means to emerge from the depths of winter back into the light. We honor Ostara, goddess of the dawn, at the Vernal Equinox on March 20th. On this day, day and night are of equal length, bringing a balance and harmony to the polarizing aspects of these two seasons. After the equinox comes another important holiday about rebirth and transcendence; Easter on March 27th. At this time we can channel this energy to rise up and above any blockages to living our Highest truth. The days grow longer and we make the smoother transition into the ripe fullness of summer. However, the unpredictable weather and barrage of cold days that often show up around this time can be confusing and set us back a bit in terms of our new year’s goals. Artemis helps us remain steadfast in this time of transition, and encourages us to always strive and strategize to achieve our maximum manifestation potential. The time to plant your seeds of intention is now, my sisters, and Artemis helps us tend the land that nurtures our highest goals. She brings her energy of cunning strength to help you focus and hit your mark.

Here is the invocation I wrote to honor Artemis at March’s full moon. You can read it to summon her energy all month long:

Artemis, sister, huntress, healer,

daughter of Zeus and Titan goddess Leto,

you teach us to ready our bow with strength, and fire with intention.

Your realm is the natural world

where the animals roam wild

and your sisters unite

with courage and perseverance.

The hunt, your devotion to your calling,

and your quick spirit inspires our independence.

You who sacrificed love in favor of servitude,

bring healing to mothers and all women,

illuminating the darkness with your torchlight,

so we may be bravely guided to face the unknown.

Bless us with your compassionate leadership,

and connect us to the animal spirits

of the untamed land over which you reign.

As we explore our own wildness,

let us embody our primal, instinctual nature

to tend to our bounty of the land.

Artemis, teach us focus and patience,

to act when the time is right, with swift intent,

so our arrows may fall exactly where they should

for the Highest Good of All.

Bless us with your wisdom,

for although you remained unbound in marriage

you were not unaware of love’s sometimes painful lessons.

Allow us to cultivate and sustain the sacred bonds of sisterhood

and harness your powerful, warrioress energy.

~ Amen, aho, so it is ~


Last month we used Brigid’s water element magic to soothe and cleanse the ashes of what no longer serves us. Our work this month is to step back and focus on what it is that we are intending to cultivate in the coming summer harvest months, so that we may harness our inner power to make it happen. What projects are you working to grow and fulfil? Artemis is our goddess of the month, and she brings a sense of wild strength to renew and energize your manifestation potential. She also keeps our emotions stable, for she knows how to work with moon cycles. She is focused, precise, cunning, and attentive. This month is all about becoming the huntress and holding a vision. What does an archer do? She finds her focus to hit the mark every time. Artemis also reminds us to be mindful of our thoughts. She helps us to ready and aim our arrows of intention, but also encourages us to stop, think, and strategize, for this is the important reflection we must do in order to make sure we are not being mindless in our efforts. Artemis is READY, AIM, FIRE – not READY, FIRE, AIM.


Artemis is the Greek goddess of the hunt, the moon, and the natural world. She is also a healer who protects pregnant women and relieves them of pain during childbirth. As a virgin goddess who gave up a life of love in favor of a life in service, she hunts the forests with her female companions, her bow and arrow unwavering. Artemis is often depicted with a torch in hand, illuminating the darkness, and blazing a path through the unknown with courage and fortitude. While fiercely independent, she was a compassionate goddess, and a natural born leader. Her unbridled, passionate spirit reigns over the plants and animals of the natural world that are returning to our vision with the arrival of spring.


Artemis was the daughter to Zeus and Leto, and her twin brother was the god Apollo. She was born on the island of Ortygia, where Leto was forced to live after fleeing from the vengeful wrath of Zeus’ wife Hera. Immediately following her birth, Artemis helped her mother give birth to her twin brother, and thenceforth became the protectress of childbirth and labor. When she was a young woman, Artemis asked her father Zeus to grant her wish for 80 virgin nymphs to always accompany her always, and he did so to appease her. Her feminine companions followed her through hunt, battle, and even dancing and bathing together. Artemis wished to remain a virgin goddess, and never took any lovers except one; the mortal Orion. When her brother became jealous of all the time she was spending with him, he made a wager that she couldn’t shoot a faint object swimming in the ocean. Artemis was never one to reject a bet, and so she shot the floating object, only to realize it was her lover. In her extreme grief she used her bow and arrow to shoot him into the night sky, where he would remain a constellation among the stars for all eternity.


In Celtic mythology, Artemis is closely related to Flidais, goddess of animals, woodlands, and fertility. In the Egyptian pantheon, her likeness is Pakhet, a lion-goddess of the sun, the hunt, and a protectress of mothers. In Hindu religion, Banka-Mundi is the goddess of the hunt and fertility, worshipped for protection against wild animals. She was said to inspire courage in her followers and bless them with fertility. Artemis’ most prominent symbols are the bow and arrow and the crescent moon (new moon). Her totem animal spirits are the deer and dog, and her colors include shades of silver, white, red, green, and turquoise.



  • Healing from pain and ailments
  • Emotional peace
  • Mental stability

Dalmatian Jasper:

  • Connecting to your animal totems
  • Playfulness/inner child
  • Removes obstacles



  • Dispelling negative energy and purification rituals
  • Protection and blessings of prosperity
  • Powerful antiseptic qualities, good for sore throats


  • Healing and protection
  • Invoking Divine Feminine energy
  • Bringing inner peace, balance, and wisdom

Artemesia: (Do not consume when pregnant)

  • Protection and divination
  • Encouraging prophetic and lucid dreaming
  • Topical antiseptic, with antibacterial and antifungal properties

Flower of Life Renewal Grid Crafting

I am so looking forward to crafting with you on March 17th! This month, we are making Flower of Life Renewal Grids. If you haven’t had a chance to see the listing of our tools for this activity, head on over here to check it out. These grids connect us to the renewal energy that runs through the Flower of Life design, and the process of making them is very centering to the mind. When yours is complete, you can hang it on your wall to be a constant reminder of life’s fluctuation of energies, or you can place it in a shadow-box to be kept safely on your altar all throughout springtime. I hope you are as excited as I am to get crafting.

Please note that you can choose to draw your own grid and use your own gems for this craft.