The witching season


The witching season

On this eve of October, I want to take your hand and invite you to step with me into the portal between worlds. October begins the witching season, when magic is afoot and mystery reigns. In this post I want to pull back the curtain and show you why October has always been a month of magic, and Halloween is just one part of the picture! On September 22, as the myth goes, Demeter watched her daughter Persephone descend to the Underworld where she will rule alongside Hades until her return to the Earth in March. Her descent into the planet begins our descent into wintertime. Her transition marks the lengthening of nights and a general darkening of our planet as we turn inward and brace for the colder days of the coming season. I always imagine Demeter wearing a black shawl, beaded with glimmering jewels, as she turns from her daughter’s visage and takes her first steps on the long walk into winter darkness.

In Celtic mythology, Demeter’s mourning is transformed into a period of celebration that begins at the full moon in October (this month, on the 29th – the Blood Moon), and ends on November 1. In the middle of this period is Samhain, a high pagan holiday or “greater sabbat”, which honors death and also celebrates a sacred opening in the spirit portal between the living and the dead. The one gift Hades gives us in exchange for taking Earth’s daughter is a brief window of open communication with those who have departed. On Samhain, we can scry, read the leaves or cards, and with greater ease than at any other time of the year, speak to our spirit ancestors and loved ones and hear them speak back to us. It’s a dead man’s party. Who could ask for more? Everybody’s coming, leave your body at the door, in the worlds of Danny Elfman.

For me, as a wise woman and shamaness, this is My Season. I hear the call, and I answer it. I speak to spirits and listen for the return. I wrap myself in beaded shawls and engage in dark ritual on cold nights by moonlight. I invite you to celebrate the witching season with me on Monday, October 29 when we will honor Cerridwen, Celtic goddess of the cauldron, and dance with the darkness in the Old Ways. It’s our Sage Goddess Samhain and Blood Moon ritual. And you’re invited. It’s free! To register, click HERE and please invite your friends. For this party, the more the merrier for sure. I’ve created very special ritual tools just for this event, which you can find here in my shop. I’ll also soon release a limited edition protection oil for the month of October, so stay tuned.

Sacred tools for sacred work. And so it is.

Bright Samhain blessings by the blood moon light. I look forward to dancing in the darkness with you.

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  1. I’m hoping to join back around then. Being a Persephone Priestess myself, I love this time. BB


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