Welcome to Sage Goddess Rhodo Co.!

We are pleased to welcome you to the new Sage Goddess Rhodo Co.

If you haven’t heard, Sage Goddess – the largest and most trusted retail source of spiritual tools and teachings – recently acquired Rhodo Co.,  the largest global wholesaler of rhodochrosite, malachite, 7-banded fluorite, Lemurian blue calcite, and other unique gems and minerals.

So what does this mean for existing Rhodo Co. customers?

It means that you’re able to continue purchasing the same quality of Argentinian and other products as before.

In addition, you will also have the opportunity to purchase the extensive line of offerings from Sage Goddess, including crystals, perfumes, candles, sacred homeware and apparel, and bath/body products. As part of this transition, both Rhodo Co. and Sage Goddess select products will be available for wholesale purchase to approved retailers, both at upcoming trade events/shows and online.

Sign Up to Buy Wholesale

Registration will require a valid state resale license, and be subject to review and approval. Accepted applicants will be able to purchase both online and at annual gem shows. Existing Rhodo Co. customers are also required to complete this one-time registration with Sage Goddess Rhodo Co.

Who is Rhodo Co.?

For 35 years, Rhodo Co. has been the primary North American source for some of the world’s most unique gemstones, including:

  • Rhodochrosite from Argentina: Known for its deep, bubble gum pink color and rarity, rhodochrosite is the stone of compassion, love, and heart healing.
  • Yellow Fluorite from Argentina: Yellow bands line this stone, as do green, teal, pink, and purple, which make it unique from most of the rest of the world’s fluorite, including that from Mexico (blue and green) and China (yellow with green and purple).
  • Lemurian Blue Calcite from Argentina: With rich, deep blue and brown bands, lemurian blue calcite from Argentina is the stone of authentic communication and living. In colors that remind one of Caribbean waters, Lemurian calcite connects one with energies of unconditional love and acceptance.
  • Conflict-Free Malachite from Africa: Known as a conflict stone, the majority of malachite comes from the Congo, where it is illegally mined or sold; however, Sage Goddess Rhodo Co. malachite is certified conflict-free, and we are the ONLY such importer in North America. Malachite is a master healer of the female body and feminine systems, supporting women through conception, gestation, and menopause.

Sign Up to Buy Wholesale

Upcoming Trade Events:

Join Athena, Dave, Jose and Mercedes as Sage Goddess Rhodo Co. continues to sell at the following five gem shows:

  • May 10-12, Costa Mesa, CA (registered wholesalers only)
  • August 9 – 11, Springfield, MA (registered wholesalers only)
  • Sep 7 – 15, Denver, CO (retail and wholesale)
  • Nov 22 – 24, Costa Mesa, CA (registered wholesalers only)
  • Jan 31 – Feb 16, Tucson, AZ (registered wholesalers only)