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  • Gemstone Sale: Lapis Obelisks

    $ 14.00
    These Lapis Obelisks are full of royal energy. Known as the Queen’s Stone, lapis lazuli is a gem of confidence, courage, and bold leadership. It brings luck, fortune, and a regal sensibility to you, activates your deepest intuition and insight and resonates with the Third...
  • Gemstone Sale: Rough Amethyst .925 Cuff

    $ 67.00
    Adorn your arm with powerful Crown Chakra activation energy! This Rough Amethyst .925 Cuff is a sacred adornment of deep spiritual unity with Source. Amethyst brings serenity, balance and gentle, loving connection to the higher realms. The beauty and style of this piece make it...
  • Gemstone Sale: Okenite in Calcite

    $ 1,290.00
    This Okenite in Calcite brings the message and medicine of forgiveness and contentment. Okenite is a warm and fuzzy mineral that encourages you to forgive yourself and others. It comforts and helps you to overcome obstacles. Calcite brings the qualities of peace, happiness, and contentment....
  • Gemstone Sale: Double-sided Super 7 Hearts

    $ 59.00$ 89.00
    These Double-Sided Super 7 Hearts are such a treat! And, each of these pieces looks like two completely different stones on each side. Super 7 is a master healer of the Crown Chakra and helps ease stress. It is is one of the few stones...
  • Gemstone Sale: Datolite

    $ 49.00
    Datolite is wonderful for deep connection to higher consciousness, facilitating ancestral knowledge from all of your lives on Earth, helping to reveal your true soul purpose. It aids in mental clarity, creativity, problem-solving, helping to increase your memory, especially things that are important! And, my...
  • Gemstone Sale: Dendritic Girasol Flame

    $ 219.00
    Surrender to the fire of love with this beautiful Dendritic Girasol Flame! Girasol is a softer, lighter variety of rose quartz. It represents the Moon in pagan traditions and is an incredible stone to work with for opening the aura and establishing communication with the...
  • Gemstone Sale: Sterling African Citrine Bracelet

    $ 750.00
    Call in the mental clarity and money magic with this gorgeous Sterling African Citrine Bracelet. African citrine is potent with positive energy! This gem belongs at the center of your abundance work, radiating and attracting energies of prosperity. It also offers properties of protection. This...
  • Gemstone Sale: Green Tourmaline with Lepidolite

    $ 59.00
    This Green Tourmaline with Lepidolite is full of peaceful and loving vibrations. Green tourmaline is a stone of goddess Athena and encompasses the energies of love, compassion, union, integration, wisdom, and discernment. Lepidolite dissipates negative energy. It's a stone that aids our physical and emotional...
  • Gemstone Sale: Golden Rutilated Quartz .925 Adjustable Ring

    $ 59.00
    Is there something in your life that could use a little boost? Then this Golden Rutilated Quartz .925 Adjustable Ring is your offering. Rutilated quartz is a transformation stone. It can draw change to your environment, change to yourself, and change to your relationships. It’s...
  • Gemstone Sale: Healing Spaceship Earrings

    $ 125.00
    Be the center of attention with these Healing Spaceship Earrings. These earrings feature three powerful, otherworldly, and healing stones: Moldavite for extraterrestrial communication, green rutilated quartz for Divine Feminine energy and beauty, and green tourmaline for compassion, wisdom, and discernment. These earrings are set in...
  • Gemstone Sale: Skeletal Shaman’s Dream Stone Generators

    $ 49.00
    These Skeletal Shaman's Dream Stone Generators reveal a rich landscape of ancient wisdom and magic. This exquisite gem attracts angels, encourages forgiveness, brings peace and tranquility, and leads you on a transformational journey, revealing your inner strength and courage. Gemstone generators raise energy from earth...
  • Gemstone Sale: Sterling Larimar Magic Necklace

    $ 599.00
    Connect with your deepest truth with this Sterling Larimar Magic Necklace. This necklace features larimar for Throat Chakra activation and empowerment and blue topaz for centering and calming. Larimar is referred to as the "rare blue stone of Atlantis" and connects you to the wisdom...
  • Gemstone Sale: Rhodochrosite Flower Pendants

    $ 18.00
    These Rhodochrosite Flower Pendants are a wonderful choice for adorning yourself with the vibrations of infinite love as a means of overcoming heartbreak or loss. These gemstone beauties are gentle yet powerful offerings that will strengthen your heart. They will infuse you with an endless...
  • Gemstone Sale: Multi-Terminated Skeletal Elestial Quartz Specimen

    $ 34.00
    This Multi-Terminated Skeletal Elestial Smoky Quartz Specimen is otherworldly. Skeletal elestial smoky quartz expands and transforms your journey. These skeletal elestial specimens will powerfully pull you into alignment with your divine path, restore your flow of energy, and bring you a wonderful sense of balance....
  • Gemstone Sale: Sterling Moldavite Pendants

    $ 89.00
    These Sterling Moldavite Pendants are simply otherworldly. Moldavite is a fascinating, mysterious gem of extraterrestrial wisdom and communication. It’s one of the extra-magical Synergy 12 stones, which helps you open your heart and mind to all beings. Wear one of these pendants to fast track...
  • Gemstone Sale: Self-Healed AAA Grade Clear Quartz Generator

    $ 29.00
    This Self-Healed AAA Grade Clear Quartz Generator is an amazing talisman to work with. Clear quartz has three major properties: Amplification, programmability, and magnification. It heightens your spiritual awareness and can be used to boost the energies of other stones. It’s ideal for energy grids...
  • Gemstone Sale: Lemurian Quartz Wand

    $ 249.00
    This Lemurian Quartz Wand is an incredibly powerful offering. Encoded with the wisdom and Divine Feminine energies of the Lemurian civilization – a matriarchal culture that was spiritually advanced — this wand is magical, mystical, mysterious, and oh so beautiful! Lemurian quartz crystals are known...
  • Gemstone Sale: Atlantisite Wire Wrap Necklace

    $ 59.00
    This Atlantisite Wire Wrap Necklace features reconstituted serpentine and stitchtite and were wire wrapped here right at SG. It's truly one of a kind. Atlantisite, as the name suggests, is said to have originated in the lost city of Atlantis and some say it contains...
  • Gemstone Sale: Sterling Sodalite and Tanzanite Pendants

    $ 75.00
    Open your Third Eye and tap into your intuition with this Sterling Sodalite and Tanzanite Pendant. Tanzanite facilitates an outpouring of divine wisdom and insight. This gem harmonizes both the Heart and Third Eye Chakras, allowing you to connect with other worlds from a place...
  • Gemstone Sale: Record Keeper Trapiche Amethyst .925 Pendant

    $ 178.00
    This Record Keeper Trapiche Amethyst .925 Pendant is so beautiful and full of symmetrical magic. Amethyst is the stone of balance, peace, purification, unity, spiritual evolution, and detoxification. The amethyst in this pendant features spokes or arms that give it the trapiche moniker. This listing...

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