Wormwood Herbal Magic Jar for Ritual & Magical Uses

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This wormwood herbal magic jar provides botanical healing and magic for your home and sacred space. Use it in ceremony and ritual, for kitchen witchery, and during energy work. Each jar of wormwood was sourced carefully, charged ritually, and enclosed with a related gemstone in a 4″ glass cork-top bottle. Everything about these jars is special, right down to the beautiful labels. Collect them all to start filling your apothecary with ancient, shamanic, and indigenous medicines.

The magic of this wormwood herbal magic jar

As bitter as wormwood, goes an ancient proverb, and wormwood is indeed one of the most bitter of all plants. Named after the Greek goddess Artemis, the plant is said to have been delivered to Chiron, the father of medicine, by the goddess herself. It’s often used to treat digestive issues, and also used to make absinthe and other liquors. It is said to have hallucinogenic properties.

Such a diverse healer that can also heal in diverse ways. You can mix it in a tincture or a salve to be applied to the body, and you can also drink it as a tea. For energetic uses, add wormwood to a burning candle, sprinkle it around the base of a candle, or add it to incense.

***LOVE NOTE: Wormwood can be toxic in high doses. If you do plan to ingest this herb – You MUST do your own thorough research prior to use!! The instructions/suggestions stated here are not sufficient for internal dosing.

With this vial you will receive a description of wormwood and instructions on how we use it magically. You can collect these descriptions and build an encyclopedia of magical herbs!

This listing is for one (1) glass vial of wormwood, which will come to you lovingly gift-wrapped for your delight.

May the magic of alchemy surround you.

Botanical Blessings,

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