Worlds Within Seer Stones for deepened meditation and astral travel

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These Worlds Within Seer Stones are pure, unadulterated magic. Peer into one of these stones and you’ll be instantly transported to times past and times yet to be seen. These stones take you there: to distant places, lands, galaxies, and dimensions. They take you into the galaxy that is closer than your own breath – the galaxy that is within you.

Healers call these shaman’s dream stones “Worlds Within Stones.” Shaman’s dream stone is incredibly potent, as it helps facilitate contact with elders and spirits from the lower realms. These Worlds Within Seer Stones have wonderful inclusions that are spellbinding and enticing – including yellow hematoid, Devic Temple, chlorite, lodolite, rainbows, lithium, and much more! I am so excited to share this magical offering with you. Get ready for an inner adventure of a lifetime.

The deeper magic of these Worlds Within Seer Stones

Throughout history, shamans have used dream stone as a gateway into other worlds. This gem is known to bring about visionary or healing experiences and to guide the bearer during sleep. They are wonderfully suited for past life recall, hypnosis, or any healing modality that takes us into the theta brainwave state – such as meditation and other states of deep relaxation. These Worlds Within Seer Stones will bring peace, connection, and healing to your experience with the Beyond, as well as keep you grounded during your journeys.

Seer stones also draw in loving, heart-healing energy that will strengthen and stabilize your emotions as you undergo incredible spiritual growth. Carved into a rounded shape on the bottom and polished to a perfect flat sheen on the top, these Worlds Within Seer Stones will show you things yet unknown. All you have to do is stare into the flat polished side and concentrate. Center your mind and focus your thoughts. Once you’ve dropped into this meditation, you will begin to see the messages your seer stone has for you. Work with your Worlds Within Seer Stone to connect with your spirit guides, recall dreams, and to experience heightened states of consciousness during meditation.

This listing is for one (1) Worlds Within Seer Stone, about 3-4” in size. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled along with a single leaf of white sage and a card describing the properties of the stone.


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