Velvet Medicine Bags with Magical Tools for peace, happiness, and health

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These velvet medicine bags with magical tools are radiating with true artisan skill and filled with staples of energy work for both the novice practitioner and the wise sage. The work that we do in our practice is powerful, whether large or small, broad or specific. You may run your own spiritual healing business, be working toward abundance for your family, or drawing love into your life. Every step is a part of your soul path, an answer to your calling. As with any work – when we practice magic to seek out the higher good, we must empower ourselves with the proper equipment. There is sacred work to be done… will you heed the call?

The deeper magic of these velvet medicine bags with magical tools

Each one of these velvet medicine bags was lovingly handmade right here in Los Angeles of delectably soft velvet fabrics in varying colors. The edges have been intricately woven with colorful beads, which hang below like the protective talismans of a dreamcatcher. And each one features delicate textured patterns of different flowers, making them so stylish and elegant. Each satchel is affixed with a 25-inch hand-beaded strap. Your medicine bag will come with the following magical healing tools:

One (1) piece of bloodstone. Bloodstone is my go-to stone for healing of ANY kind. It brings closure and healing in emotional situations and generally improves overall health. This gem is also powerful in building personal power. When feeling fearful or frail, bloodstone brings tenacity, determination, and strength.

One (1) piece of red jasper. Red jasper is the stone of emotional cadence and stability, easing emotions into alignment and helping you feel at peace with what is. It’s the crystal of controlled passion, bringing erratic emotions into balance and offering insight into your life.

One (1) piece of smoky quartz. Smoky quartz is THE protection stone. It transforms and transmutes energies. It takes in whatever is negative or of low vibration and keeps that energy away from you. It purifies places, spaces, and auras. Some say the reason it has its smoky color is that when it was formed, it absorbed and trapped all the negative energies from the world around it.

One (1) piece of fuchsite. Fuchsite is the stone of life force. It grows with ruby and kyanite and holds the energy of Gaia within it. This gem opens the Heart Chakra wide and helps you find your twin flame, Anam Cara, or soulmate. It heals the heart physically and emotionally.

One (1) palo santo stick. Palo santo is a sacred wood from Peru that has been used as indigenous medicine by shamans and medicine people of South America for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. It’s a very different smudge than white sage. The scent is sweeter, rounder, and more mellow. This sacred tool will powerfully clear illness energies and low vibrations, and is a staple for healers!

One (1) 10 ml bottle of my Transition Perfume. This perfume is a deep and comforting blend of nine essential oils and absolutes that you will absolutely adore. Brimming with notes of vetiver, raw amber, patchouli, benzoin, and Jordanian copal, this blend is grounding and protective and will aid in controlling fear and anxiety during moments of transition. Though its effects are powerful, it’s subtle enough to wear it as your daily perfume if you desire, to raise the vibration around you and hold space for peace and happiness.

This listing is for one (1) velvet medicine bag with magical tools (approximately 6.5×5.75″ in size), as described above. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled along with a single leaf of white sage and a parchment describing the properties of your stones.


Note: This product is made with natural essential and carrier oils, and may contain fragrance oils. Cap color, chip stone, and color may vary slightly. For external use only.

Under California law (Proposition 65), we are required to inform you that because this item contains an agricultural product(s), it may also expose you to certain chemicals – natural or otherwise occurring, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to:

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Charge your tools with orgone energy on my custom Orgonite Charging Plate.

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