Tumbled Vivianite for self-healing and expressing the heart’s desire

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Vivianite: it’s a tricky stone to source, but beautifully unique. It is a living stone – one that, in a way, heals itself. When this dark black vivianite is cut, its edges soothe themselves by turning a deep greenish blue. And this is the only place you will find this incredible stone — my shop is the only one at which to find it, featuring vivianite straight from South Africa.

Uncover the goals of your inner being, the most meaningful of your hopes and dreams, as vivianite carries them to light. It is a stone that guides you to see deeper, to discover what it is that you wish to achieve. As a stone that strengthens the heart chakra, vivianite brings forth the inner urges and wishes within our hearts. It encourages expression of these desires, and helps to manifest them, quieting all other voices in order to let your inner self speak.

This stone, with its heart-centered energy, adds to our altruism and generosity, spurring us to kindness.  Use vivianite in your meditation, allowing it to help you enter a state of enlightened compassion, and to carry that benevolence with you, beyond your sacred space. Whether you follow the path of your heart, or are still in search of your truest goals, the journey can grow difficult and tiresome at times.

Vivianite is an excellent stone for those in need of renewed attitudes and outlooks. The stone is a motivator, offering an energizing boost to those who are feeling burned out at work, who do not have the same fire and passion they once did. It gives enthusiasm, removing negativity and infusing a refreshed drive to continue moving forward. Find your harmony again, whether you seek it in your work or other projects.

This listing is for one (1) piece of gorgeous, gemmy, tumbled vivianite, about 1″ in size, which will come gift-bagged in organza with a white sage leaf that you can use to clear energies before using. You will also receive a card describing the properties and recommended use of each stone in case you are offering it to another who has not worked with this stone before. Each piece is chosen carefully upon purchase and vetted for quality. Shop with confidence.

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