Tumbled Fuchsia Agate – The Security Stone to protect you, your assets & nurture your relationships

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Agate is such a special stone. I adore all shades of it, but this fuchsia is simply gorgeous. It makes an incredible addition to gemstone trays and chakra sets. It’s considered a crown chakra stone as this shade of pink is nearly violet in color. Each piece is unique and stunning. The metaphysical properties of agate are well-documented. It’s a soothing stone that brings security to the bearer – security of your possessions, of your heart, of your emotions, of your relationships. It’s an excellent companion stone to healing sets, because it helps maintain health; to your prosperity sets, because it helps you hold on to your money (take this stone with you to Vegas or on shopping trips!); and to magical sets, because it reinforces your belief in yourself and your abilities. Fuchsia agate brings security of the heart and mind, helping stabilize emotions. It’s a great stone for people with uncontrolled tempers and emotions and helps bring all emotions into balance, especially in interpersonal, love, and family dynamics. This listing is for (1) piece of tumbled A-grade fuchsia agate, which will come gift-bagged in organza with a white sage leaf that you can use to clear energies before using. You will also receive a card describing the properties and recommended use of each stone in case you are offering it to another who has not worked with this stone before. I charge all gems on my personal altar space and bathe them in full moonlight before listing. Each piece is chosen carefully and vetted for quality. Shop with confidence. Gem Blessings, Athena

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