Threaded Lapis Lazuli Bead Necklaces for regal spiritual ascension

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These threaded lapis lazuli bead necklaces are pure, queenly magic. Lapis is by far one of the most storied and sought after stones in all of history. Lapis lazuli simply brims with majestic energy. It is a precious stone that radiates such great power that it has become known as the Queen’s Stone.

Cleopatra herself prized lapis lazuli so highly that she had it seized from all the mines in the Middle East during her reign, and deemed it her own exclusive property. She believed this stone held great power and influence – and she was correct.

Wearing lapis brings good fortune, luck, and a regal sensibility to the mind, body, and spirit. I walk with more grace, a more elegant gait, and with my head held high as I work with this stone. Consider one of these threaded lapis lazuli bead necklaces as your own piece of royal adornment.

The magic of these threaded lapis lazuli bead necklaces

These threaded lapis lazuli bead necklaces are absolutely gorgeous, but beyond their beauty and elegance they carry meaning and significance. Jewelry for us priestesses, energy workers, Goddesses, and sorcerers is not just a matter of accessorizing. You all know I believe in sacred adornment – in the process of deliberately choosing each piece of crystal jewelry with care and intention. These choices matter. Because when we wear jewelry, we invoke the elements and metaphysical energies of the stones that we choose to adorn ourselves with.

As you wear your lapis necklace, be aware of its presence and its magic. Call in your guides and ask for a stronger spiritual connection with the Higher Realms. Pay attention to your dreams and your visions. Be ready for the newfound connectivity with your guides and the increase in your intuitive powers.

May these threaded lapis lazuli bead necklaces help you on your journey to Higher Truth. May this wisdom and revelation be for the greater good. And so it is.

This listing is for one (1) threaded lapis lazuli bead necklace, about 17” in length. Yours will arrive beautifully gift wrapped, along with one white sage leaf you can use to clear energies.

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