Sweet Inspiration Perfume Trio to inspire, empower, and prosper

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My Sweet Inspiration perfume trio was created to bring divine inspiration to you. Goddesses, as we go out in the world to do our sacred work, we sometimes need rest, inspiration, and magic for ourselves, as well. Self-care is important. We can’t manifest our dreams if we are not inspired, can we? Thus I’m offering this powerful trio of perfumes to first inspire you, then empower you, so you can attract the prosperity you seek.

First in this set, My Muse perfume is a long-time customer favorite – sexy, inspirational, deep, like the Muse herself. This blend helps you channel the Muse, the divine spirit of inspiration who blows through our lives like the breezes and wind. She is the one who sets our hearts and minds free to create, to craft, to sing our songs, to paint, to set up shop, and nurture our gifts. Muse perfume honors this force of creativity and inspiration, using scent magic to draw this force to you.

Next, my Queen Bee perfume. With notes of beeswax and honeycomb this blend speaks of sweet and sensual power, and I’ve infused it with a lapis chip stone for an extra infusion of power. I recommend anointing yourself with it as you feel called to do so. Bees have been an integral part of our collective consciousness for thousands of years. The bee – the queen bee, in particular – has been used to represent the Mother Goddess by Minoan, Greek, and countless other ancient civilizations. The Mother Goddess is in fact the oldest deity on archaeological record, and she is often depicted as a dancing bee. Surprised? You shouldn’t be.

Finally, Fortuna – my most potent and popular financial abundance blend, named after the Roman goddess of luck and fortune. It’s a “water” blend using oils aligned to the Feng Shui element of water, which governs financial well being and flow of resources, including lotus and narcissus. It includes a rare imperial topaz gem essence that I created myself just for the occasion, and a spicy and musky oil blend from Mumbai India. Use Fortuna as you would a regular perfume, but also anoint your stones, add to your prosperity altar, pour onto candles as they burn (keep away from the wick so you don’t extinguish the flame), and diffuse in your space. Add to lotions or coconut oil to make a massage blend. Spread the wealth!

This listing is for one (1) Sweet Inspiration perfume trio as described. Each bottle is 15mL and will arrive lovingly wrapped and ready for magic.


Note: This product is made with natural essential and carrier oils, and may contain fragrance oils. Cap color, chip stone, and sari silk may vary.

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