Soul Star Perfume and Extraterrestrial Gem Set for higher contact

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My new Soul Star perfume and extraterrestrial gem set was created to guide you higher than ever before. Our chakras extend well beyond the limits of the physical human body, and just above the head we find the 9th, or Soul Star Chakra. This chakra is a portal to the stars and other dimensions through which very high frequency light can enter our etheric field. It is believed that this chakra is the gateway through which the soul enters at birth to bind with the physical body, and then departs through at death when it returns to the Collective. Activation and clearing of the Soul Star Chakra throws a cosmic doorway wide open through which we can connect with the light densities of the enlightened beings who exist beyond our physical reality.

Which brings me to the gem set I am offering as an option alongside this etheric blend. As you work with your Soul Star Chakra, you will become more open to receiving messages from beyond, which is why I’ve curated this extraterrestrial gem set for those of you seeking alien contact. This set includes four rare stones that are not meant for the fainthearted. In this set you will receive one (1) each of natural moldavite, tektite, a meteorite pendant, and phenacite (which took me a very long time to even find for this listing!) Work with these stones and the perfume blend to connect and channel messages from out of this world.

The extraterrestrial stones

Moldavite – This stone is green tektite, a chemically complex structure formed during meteoric collision with the Earth. It is actual extraterrestrial matter. Scientists and gemologists have isolated known compounds and minerals within its structure, but there are parts of moldavite that are still unknown. For me, moldavite offers access to deep wisdom, hidden knowledge, the Akashic records, and more. Working with moldavite exponentially expanded my spiritual evolution. I found myself knowing and sensing things in new ways after using it for only a few weeks.

Tektite – This stone is extraterrestrial matter that is formed when a large object encounters Earth’s surface – for instance during a meteor strike. Molten power hardens this stone, which contains within it known and unknown substance. Under a microscope, you’ll find quartz and agate along with unidentified material. It’s literally an otherworldly gem. Tektite is a stone of astral travel and inter-dimensional communication. It opens you psychically and spiritually to other realms and as such, has been called the Shaman’s Stone.

Meteorite Pendant – This is some serious, next-level magic. If you feel drawn to this stone, be prepared for its strong vibration. Most people I’ve met who say they’re not sensitive to stones feel something with meteorite. Not everyone, but certainly most. Based on what we do know about this alien gem, I can tell you that it deepens psychic abilities, opens the Third Eye, and facilitates access to the Akashic records. Get ready to catapult your spiritual evolution.

Phenacite – This is a super rare stone, and one that I’ve never had to offer you before! These pieces of phenacite are small but powerful. A stone of Third Eye activation, inner visions, awakening of the Light Body, and interdimensional travel, phenacite is the perfect stone to pair with your Soul Star work. It also brings an instant clearing to your auric field, and can serve as a conduit for communication with spirit guides, angelic beings, aliens, and other entities of higher vibrational realms.

The magic of Soul Star Perfume

This new blend will come to you in a new custom designed bottle, printed right here in the SG shop with original artwork and a Soul Star invocation for you to use in your work. The rare oils in this blend are meant to elevate you to the Higher Realms. This astral blend has notes of tuberose, heather, and pineapple to accompany you as you push beyond the limitations of the physical realm. And it’s bottled with a danburite chip stone to increase your powers of psychic connection and clarity. Anoint yourself and your stones with this blend, create a contact grid with your gemstones if you feel called, or sit in meditation while holding your extraterrestrial stones.

Visualize a white light beaming down from above. See it pouring from Source, straight into your Soul Star Chakra, as it opens and activates. Then visualize this light flowing over and down into your Crown and Third Eye Chakras, opening the potent energetic channel from above. Breathe into this space for a few moments as you picture your beam of light growing stronger and clearer as your connection strengthens. Now call in the guides, light beings, or extraterrestrial beings you seek. Ask what messages they carry for you and remain open to receiving them. You may want to journal after your experience, as you can often channel your messages through writing.

This listing is for one (1) Soul Star perfume with the option to purchase the extraterrestrial gem set as described above. When you purchase the set, you are getting these four (4) rare stones (one of which is a necklace!) for just $23 (sold alone they would be well over $55). I want you to have access to these tools – for they are powerful allies as we go about our work in the darkness.

Blessings for contact,

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Soul Star Perfume, Perfume & Extraterrestrial Gem Set

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    If it comes back, BUY IT


    This set is beyond fabulous–
    Not only is it a PHENOMENAL price (a small piece of moldavite alone is $25, the necklace is $30) but the perfume is awesome. Very uplifting and a little fruity, but not overwhelmingly so. The pineapple adds to the dimensions of this blend in a big way and the stones are awesome. I am an SG-aholic, and this is one of my favorite purchases I’ve ever made

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    • jenniferjr77

      When will this perfume be available? I received this with a recent purchase and I’m totally in love with it!!

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