Small Incense Cones for Soothing Your Spirit and Deepening Your Connection to Source

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Meditating with these incense cones is an out of this world experience. Light one to infuse your sacred space with the magic of fire and fragrant smoke. Allow the scent to pull you into another realm, to connect you deeply to Source, and open you up for divine energy to flow freely through you. Choose between three different scents: Hawaiian plumeria, Moroccan jasmine, and Sumatran patchouli, to bring to your space a series of incredible healing and magical properties.

The Deeper Magic of these Small Incense Cones

Your first option is a set of ten Hawaiian plumeria incense cones. Plumeria is one of the most uplifting and soul-soothing scents on this earth. This magical ingredient’s heavenly aroma is known to bring to the user a boost in self-esteem and a feeling of unwavering inner peace. This option is perfect for anyone looking to fill their space with angelic vibrations and love.

Your second option is a set of ten Moroccan jasmine incense cones. Jasmine is often used in healing rituals and love spells. Its delicate, sweet scent will bring you a feeling of joy, love, and purity of mind. The soothing properties of this scent make it a wonderful tool to use before bed, to encourage a night of deep and nourishing rest. Choose this option if you want to heal yourself emotionally and spiritually.

Your third option is a set of ten Sumatran patchouli incense cones. If you didn’t know already, patchouli is one of my all-time favorite scents. This option is perfect for anyone looking to center themselves and reconnect with the earth. The smell of it is so earthy and grounding, so potent and unmistakable. Whenever I work with patchouli, I like to close my eyes, breathe in the scent, and imagine roots extending from me into the earth, deeply connecting me to the ancient wisdom of our Mother. This scent reminds me to give thanks to Earth for the bounty of gifts that she offers us every day.

Bring your altar to the next level by incorporating these incense cones. Lighting one never fails to center me, ground me, and fill me with the beauty of free-flowing divine energy, and I know that it will do the same for you. Choose the scent that is calling to you and I promise, once you’ve incorporated these cones into your altar, you won’t want to ever perform any ritual without them.

This listing is for one (1) small incense cone set (each set has 10 cones) of your choosing. Use the drop down menu to select as you feel called.


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Hawaiian plumeria, Moroccan jasmine, Sumatran patchouli

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