Sleep Well Set for Peaceful Rest & Nightmare-free Sleep

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This set is coming to you by customer request – perfect for children and adults, anyone who needs better and less interrupted sleep. You may have read the reviews of my Reve oil. They are incredible, the stories of people finally getting deep and restorative sleep. The oil blend is ancient, known for many hundreds of years to promote sleep and rest. Now you get the oil, my Moonbeams herbal blend (that includes valerian and lavender among other ingredients and makes a superb tea!), and the peaceful sleep stones (sodalite for banishing of nightmares, smoky quartz for protection, amethyst for peace, blue lace agate for releasing of fears and worries, and lepidolite for balancing of mood and relaxation). All together in one set that is perfect for your bedside. The Reve oil is .5 oz in a roll-on bottle. A little on your neck, a little on your wrists, a little on your pillows, and off to sleep you go. This set comes gift-packaged and ready to carry you off to sleep with a thousand angels by your side. Sweet dreams!

Note: This product is made with natural essential and carrier oils, and may contain fragrance oils. Cap color, chip stone, and sari silk may vary.

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