Simple Ritual: Negativity Banishing Kit for supreme purification and protection

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This Simple Ritual: Negativity Banishing kit might be simple, but it’s also powerful. It has all the tools you need to purify and protect your space and energy field. I’m passionate about my simple ritual series, because I designed these tools as foundational support for your daily lives and magical intentions. Whether you are new in exploring the metaphysical world, or well-practiced, these treasures will serve you well.

All of us, even deeply spiritual people, pick up negative energy from time to time. We run into difficult people, go through rough situations, or find ourselves in unpredictable times. I myself have gone through some tough situations lately, which in part, is why and how I created this kit I’m offering you now. I found that juniper medicine, Ceremony tealights, and a special combination of gems, including black tourmaline and garnet, together create a potent negativity filter and resilient shield of protection.

The tools in my Simple Ritual kit

First, in this Simple Ritual set is a set of four (4) Ceremony tea lights. These Ceremony tea lights are made of soy wax and mixed with a proprietary oil blend. The blend includes white sage, Palo Santo, ceremonial tobacco, frankincense, myrrh, galbanum, cedar, cypress, fir and eight other ingredients that will transport you to other worlds and ancient times. No color is added to these tea lights, but they are infused with obsidian chip stones and other protection gems, and then topped with hand-harvested white sage leaves from the desert southwest.

Next, you will receive one (1) sprig of juniper, a wonderfully woodsy herb known to banish negativity and fear. Use this sprig as smudge, allowing the smoke to transform any negativity and infuse your space with cleansing protection. Juniper is excellent for clearing and detoxifying spaces. It also centers and balances your energies and helps create a space that is safe and comfortable.

Next, you will receive a full-sized (10mL) roller bottle of my Banish perfume. With notes of myrrh, anise, and black cumin, and infused with an obsidian chip stone, Banish is like an aromatic fortress. Myrrh lifts vibrations and creates peace. Black cumin protects against toxicity, and anise is used for consecration and purification.

You will also receive a potent Negativity Banishing stone set. The gems in this set are:

Tiger’s eye palm stone printed with a Celtic protection shield – Tiger’s eye is the goddess Athena’s totem gem, a companion in difficult moments. It brings wisdom, courage, protection, discernment, and the ability to see ahead. It helps you know what is coming and how to best prepare.

Garnet – Garnet is one of my favorite stones of all time. Its deep red color is akin to merlot wine. It is protective and calming. Many discoverers and adventurers were known to wear garnet on their bodies for protection. These gemstones were thought of as powerful talismans, capable of illuminating the night and repelling evil spirits.

Shiva eye – Shiva eye takes its name from the Hindu deity Shiva, the all-knowing omnipotent Hindu god believed to be the divine integration and manifestation of all masculine and feminine energies. This stone has long been believed to open the Third Eye Chakra and transform and mute negative energy.

Black tourmaline – Black tourmaline is the protection stone par excellence, and creates an energy shield around you, deflecting negative energy and sealing holes in your auric space.

Finally, you will receive a special Parchment, including a simple ritual you can invoke, and descriptions of the properties of the stones.

Note: Please always burn tea lights on a heat proof dish/holder on a stable surface, and never leave a burning candle unattended. This perfume is made with natural essential and carrier oils, and may contain fragrance oils. Cap color, chip stone, and color may vary slightly. For external use only.

This listing is for one (1) Simple Ritual: Negativity Banishing kit as described above. Or if you wish, you may order just the Banish perfume by itself. Use the drop down menu to choose as you are called. Yours will arrive lovingly packaged and ready for use. May it bless you with the tools you need to surround yourself with vibrations of love and light.


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