Shaman’s Dream Stone Rings for ancestral connection and soul travel


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Journey into the depths of your soul and traverse beyond all that is visible to the physical eye with these Shaman’s Dream Stone Rings! I cannot get enough of Shaman’s Dream Stone in any form it takes – and these rings are just another reason for me to love this divine gem.

Simply exquisite, enchanting, and ethereal, Shaman’s Dream Stone Rings carry potent energy that will assist you in shamanic journeying, connecting with ancestors, tuning into your internal radar, and more! These rings were handmade in Brazil especially for Sage Goddess and will come to you on an adjustable 925 silver band that can be worn solo or paired with other forms of sacred adornment. These rings are absolutely magical and mystical, here to usher you into a deeper, more expanded awareness of all that awaits you beyond the Veil.

The deeper magic of these Shaman’s Dream Stone Rings

Shamans have used dream stone throughout history to enable them to journey into other worlds, to bring about visionary or healing experiences, and to guide them during sleep. These stones are wonderfully suited for past life recall, hypnosis, or any healing modality that takes us into the theta brainwave state, such as meditation and other states of deep relaxation. Shaman’s dream stones are very potent, as they help facilitate contact with elders and spirits from the lower realms.

These nourishing dream stones also draw in loving, heart-healing energy that strengthens and stabilizes our emotions so we can work on our spiritual growth. Often when old wounds are brought to the surface, we struggle to look at them, as they affect our emotions so deeply. These stones allow us the space to examine and process wounds and lead us in the right direction to heal. These Shaman’s Dream Stone Rings were designed with this in mind.

Wear one of these sacred gems to connect with your spirit guides, recall dreams, intensify your experience during shamanic journeying, and to experience heightened states of consciousness during meditation. Yours will bring peace, connection, and healing to your experience with the beyond, as well as help keep you grounded during your journey.

This listing is for one (1) adjustable Shaman’s Dream Stone ring, the stone about 0.75-1” in size. Your ring will arrive lovingly parceled along with a single leaf of white sage and a card describing the properties of the stone.

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