Seize the Season Grid for peace, love, and tranquility during the holiday season


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My loves, can you feel it? All of the magical holiday vibrations reverberating around us? Now’s the time to harness that energy, and channel it into feelings of peace, love, and tranquility. I created my Seize the Season Grid (which I’ve nicknamed the “anti-Grinch grid”!) to allow you to do just that, with the aid of some incredible crystals.

The deeper magic of my seize the season grid

People are always asking me: how should I work with my gems? And I always tell them, gridding is one of the best ways to do so. When we grid, we place different crystals in significant alignment with each other, to combine their properties in an intentional and powerful way. I offer gridding sets in my shop to make this process easy, and to give you simple access to the stones that I believe work together in incredible unison. For this Seize the Season Grid, I’ve curated several of my favorite stones of contentment, joy, generosity, and kindness, to allow you to connect deeply with the holiday spirit and utilize it to align with your Highest Self.

The first tool you will receive is one (1) lepidolite power pyramid. Those who know me know that I absolutely ADORE working with lepidolite. This gem is so powerful in lifting your mood and relieving symptoms of anxiety and depression. It completely dissipates any negative vibrations and replaces them with ones of pure contentment and love. Whenever my energy feels scattered, I work with this stone – it never fails in bringing everything back to center. The pyramid shape makes this stone a perfect centerpiece for gridding. The pyramid shape has been considered sacred since the beginning of time. They represent a vortex of energy, raised from Earth and directed at Sky. I use pyramids throughout my space to transmit high frequencies and to amplify the magic of the surrounding stones.

You will also receive four (4) pieces of ocean jasper. Ocean jasper is such a special stone. It comes from one ocean-facing mine in Madagascar, which is mined exclusively by women supporting a female-run enterprise in that country. I’m not exaggerating when I say that this stone is a talisman of pure joy. I always tell my students – you can’t work with ocean jasper and be unhappy at the same time. It simply isn’t possible! This gem will bring such a lovely dose of happiness and holiday cheer to your grid.

Next, you will receive four (4) pieces of morganite. I often tell people, there truly is no love stone like morganite. This beautiful gem is known for attracting massive abundance – not of money, but of love. These pieces of morganite will bring potent vibrations of heart healing and warmth to your grid. Morganite is pure heart medicine, and I believe that everyone must experience its magic – ESPECIALLY during the holidays!

After that, comes four (4) pieces of idocrase. Idocrase, also called vesuvianite or vesting, holds up a mirror to you so that you may see yourself as you truly are, and learn how to love whatever you see unconditionally. This is the stone of following your heart’s desire, the stone of transformation and wholeness. It aligns inner will with the heart and will give you the courage to follow your true path. This stone’s vibrations are incredibly high, and will bring you a sense of truth and confidence that will be so powerful during this season.

Next, you will receive four (4) pieces of blue chalcedony. Wow – talk about a peaceful stone. Whenever I work with this gem, I feel instantly calmed and soothed. This is the stone of forgiveness, and it powerfully heals karmic wounds, eases anger, and encourages self-care so that you feel you have more to give others. I included this stone in this set because I believe that it so powerfully encapsulates the holiday spirit. This stone will encourage peaceful and honest relationships, and instill within you a great sense of contentment and generosity – and isn’t that what the holidays are all about?

You will also receive four (4) pieces of white opal. These gems are truly captivating and are known for their ability to harness DEEP spiritual energy. White opal is known for “burning” the aspects of the self that no longer serve us in a positive way – this stone causes those things to dissipate, so that we may have more room for joy and contentment. When you grid with this stone, feel yourself releasing negative thinking patterns and purifying your soul. The holidays are the perfect time for connecting with our angels, and this stone is perfect for that.

Lastly, you will receive four (4) pieces of blue kyanite. This stone is pure magic, and is one of my favorites to work with. It brings overall cellular alignment and balance, strengthens your will and balance, and pulls you to find your sacred center. This is the ONLY stone known to instantly and evenly align all seven Chakras. When you work with this stone, you’ll be pulled immediately to fully centered presence. Gridding with this stone will allow you to tap into your deepest power and really harness all of the beautiful energy that the upcoming season has to offer.

This listing is for one (1) Seize the Season Grid, as described above. Yours will come lovingly parceled, with a single leaf of white sage and parchment describing the properties of each stone.

Wishing you a blessed holiday season,

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