Sacred Holy Site Trio for ancient wisdom, grounding, protection and magic


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Reverence. I feel a deep sense of reverence holding the crystals of this Sacred Holy Site Trio. Each gem in this set is connected to a spiritual and symbolic landmark — from Lemuria to the Vatican to South Africa. Each crystal captures the depth, breadth, beauty, and wisdom of the respective locations. Grounding, protective, ancient and cleansing in its magic, this Sacred Holy Site Trio will connect you to the depth of Earth’s wisdom while bringing a piece of each site to your sacred space.

The tools of this Sacred Holy Site Trio

One (1) tumbled Vatican stone (about 5” in size). A gentle protector that transmutes negative energy into positive, Vatican stone is actually ammonite in tumbled form. It offers a strong sense of tranquility and inner peace as it heightens your accomplishments, activates personal power, and offers potent karmic cleansing. It’s called Vatican stone because it is sourced from the same rock quarry as the stones that constructed the Vatican! As such, this stone also bears a union with Christ and resurrection.

One (1) tumbled Cradle of Humankind (about 1” in size). Found in caves within South Africa’s Cradle of Humankind, these stones contain the energies and the wisdom of times long past, filled with the origins of early human DNA. Cradle of Humankind is a powerful grounding stone. It connects us to the Earth, helping us as spiritual beings to live in our physical bodies. This is a stone that draws the great wisdom, the great history of the past into our present and future, connecting us to our life purpose.

One (1) Ice Lemurian Quartz Point (about 1” in size). Ice Lemurian Quartz is encoded with the wisdom and Divine Feminine magic of the Lemurian civilization – a spiritually advanced matriarchal culture. Lemurian Quartz is known as a teaching stone or shaman’s stone and is said to impart powerful ancient knowledge upon anyone who holds it. It is said that all Lemurian Quartz pieces know their owners and summons them upon sight.

This listing is for one (1) Sacred Holy Site Trio. Your gems will come lovingly packaged with a parchment describing the properties and uses of each crystal.

Gem blessings,

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