Protective Channeling Wands for connecting with the magic of both Above and Below

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The energy these Protective Channeling Wands hold is absolutely incredible. I felt the power of these pieces from all the way across the Tucson Gem Show – and when I finally got my hands on them, I immediately knew I had to bring them to the shop for you. These wands are a combination of quartz, calcite, and hematite, and are powerful tools for activating each of your energetic centers, from Root to Crown. This is the perfect tool for healers and these pieces make gorgeous jewelry. Let us wire-wrap one for you to wear as a pendant to keep it close to your heart.

The deeper magic of these Protective Channeling Wands

Quartz is the most versatile of all gemstones. This magnificent crystal is known for its magnifying properties – whatever vibrations surround it will instantly be amplified! This stone is also a powerful Crown Chakra activator and will bring you into powerful connection with the wisdom of the Higher Realms. Calcite brings feelings of peace and well-being and powerfully removes negative energy. This gem restores motivation, accelerates growth and development, raises consciousness, and facilitates connection with higher spiritual states. Hematite resonates with energies of strength, centeredness, and grounding. This crystal will connect you with your very own core, gently bringing you into the present time and helping you navigate the challenges of daily life without becoming overwhelmed.

These three gemstones come together in beautiful harmony within these Protective Channeling Wands. Use one of these wands in meditation to begin harnessing the powerful magic they have to offer. Close your eyes as you hold onto yours, and breathe deeply. As you do so, visualize each of your energetic centers being brought into perfect balance, a steady channel of light flowing through and connecting each of them, from Root to Crown. Feel yourself being uplifted by the powers of quartz and calcite; allow yourself to be held and supported by the magic of hematite. Let your protective channeling wand infuse you with its energy, so that you may walk this realm connected to the powers of both Above and Below.

This listing is for one (1) Protective Channeling Wand. I have three sizes to offer you: Small (about 1-2” in size), Medium (about 2-3” in size), and Large (about 3-4” in size). Yours will arrive lovingly parceled along with a single leaf of white sage and a parchment describing the properties of the stones.


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