Power Crystals Charged by Athena for reconnecting with your inner magic

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Do you ever feel disconnected from your inner magic – like you’re not vibrating at your highest frequency? These Power Crystals will bring you back to your power center, activating deep energies of resilience, strength, and wisdom. If you are standing in your full power, these will become talismans of your strength and capacity for healing. Each of these gems is unique in its metaphysical properties, and for this offering alone I will be taking them into journeyspace, infusing them with the energy of this sacred experience.

The deeper magic of these Power Crystals

I talked in Denver about the concept of Power Crystals: Special pieces that you choose, or are chosen for you, that amplify your specific frequency. By working with Power Crystals, you can attune to your highest vibration whenever you feel down or out of sorts, or whenever you need to take your strength to another level. Power Crystals become reminders to you, of you. The high-vibrational energy of these gems can be felt as soon as you pick them up. I always say, you know a Power Crystal because you do not wish to put it down. It becomes like a friend and guide, downloading and transmitting its latent and stored wisdom to you. I believe that crystals infused in the journeyspace have a set of astral codes that other crystals do not. It is my honor to bring these crystals into the outer dimensions of our universe for the purpose of allowing them to be encoded with wisdom for you and perhaps even for those around you.

These Power Crystals are your strongest plugs into Gaia’s crystalline matrix – a portal to your innermost wisdom, the wisdom that resonates with the core of Mother Earth herself. Whenever you need a reminder of your magic, hold one in meditation. Close your eyes and follow its lead as it draws you inward, into the heart of your being. Allow it to serve as a mirror through which you can see yourself as you truly are: an extraordinary, cosmic being whose power knows no end.

The crystals included in this listing were chosen with intention for their metaphysical properties that align with my own journey intentions. They are:

Mordenite on Green Apophylite
Mordenite relieves depression and balances energies in your field, bringing a light-hearted optimism. Green Apophyllite is the master healer of the Zeolite family for wellness in the physical and auric bodies. I am taking only pieces that include BOTH crystals into journey.

Moldavite activates codes from the astral realms, and raises your vibrational frequency to attune to higher wisdom.

Ruby crystals activate the heartspace and allow for stronger flow of the primal life force that rests within all forms of creation.

Hexagonal Emerald crystals bring deep wisdom and discernment and create balance in partnerships that are close to your heart, bringing all beings into complete alignment with their reason for connecting. It brings blessings to unions to strengthen relations. It powerfully opens and heals the heart.

Rubellite Tourmaline
Rubellite is a rare form of red tourmaline that relieves stress and helps re-energize you during times of inner and outer turbulence. Rubellite facilitates integration of the shadow aspects of your psyche and creates space for mental healing.

***Please note when ordering, the mordenite with green apophyllite specimens run heavy and shipping costs will be reflected accordingly***

This listing is for one (1) Power Crystal, charged by me. I have eight options to offer you: red tourmaline (about 0.5″), small natural emerald (about 0.5″), large natural emerald (about 1″), natural ruby (about 0.75″), moldavite (about 0.75″/3 grams), small mordenite with green apophyllite (about 7-8″), medium mordenite with green apophyllite (about 8-9″), and large mordenite with green apophyllite (about 9-10″). Please select the size that calls to you from the drop-down menu. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled along with a single leaf of white sage and a card describing the properties of the stone.


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Red tourmaline, Small natural emerald, Large natural emerald, Natural ruby, Moldavite, Small mordenite with green apophyllite, Medium mordenite with green apophyllite, Large mordenite with green apophyllite

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