Orange Kyanite Spear Pendants for creativity and connecting with your inner child

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Holding these beautiful orange kyanite spear pendants immediately transports me back to simpler times. When in the presence of one of these gorgeous pieces, all I want to do is sit with my inner child, laugh, and play! That is the splendor of orange kyanite. It connects you with your youthful innocence, instilling a remarkable sense of wonder and igniting our imagination — the gateway to our creative power.

Have you allowed yourself to let loose and have fun lately? These orange kyanite spear pendants are waiting to be adorned by you, so that you may usher in greater chances to create, express, and play – as freely as you did when you were a kid.

The deeper magic of these orange kyanite spear pendants

A rare and recently discovered gem in Tanzania, orange kyanite is the stone of creativity. It calls to artists, writers, performers, and musicians alike, and is powerful in sparking the flames of inspiration and imagination. It also aids in boosting confidence, and leads us to share our creations with others with confidence and ease. Resonating with the Sacral Chakra, orange kyanite powerfully increases creative thinking, sexuality, and clairsentience.

Orange kyanite is also a wonderful clearing stone, and helps promote optimism and positive thinking. Its uplifting and joyous nature aids in easing depression and provides a boost to one’s self-esteem and confidence. Orange kyanite heightens the senses, enabling you to use your intuition for decision-making in alignment with your Highest Good.

Wear these orange kyanite spear pendants whenever you wish to add more play to your life and reconnect with the creator that resides within you. Cup it in your hands during meditation and feel its loving energy washing over you, removing any energetic obstacles that block you from expressing your creativity and sexuality freely.

This listing is for one (1) orange kyanite spear pendant set in 925 silver. I have three sizes to offer you: Small (about 1.25-1.5” in size), Medium (about 1.5-1.75” in size), and Large (about 1.75-2” in size). Please choose the offering that calls to you from the drop down menu above. Yours will arrive strung on a silvery chain, lovingly parceled along with a single leaf of white sage and a card describing the properties of the stone.


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