Of Light And Shadow 6: Integration Ceremony and Practical Tips for Maintaining Integration



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My Of Light and Shadow 6: Integration Ceremony and Practical Tips for Maintaining Integration is the final in a series of classes dedicated to acknowledging, honoring, embracing, and healing our shadow. If you’ve been journeying with me through this process, then you know how transformational it has been. You know what has surfaced and you know what has called your attention for intentional healing. During this class, you will learn to fuse the light and dark, so that you can lead a life of grace, honesty, and pure empathy for your total being. Of Light And Shadow 6 is not for the faint at heart – it is for the beings who have courageously opened up and looked deep within; the ones who unleashed the darkest parts of themselves and found the strength to heal. It’s time to welcome both halves of yourself home, brave one.

Your shadow is the collected mass of pain, shame, and sorrow and it has a voice, a way of being in the world, and an energetic frequency. Your shadow, if left anchored in your subconscious, can be projected onto others and create karmic entanglements that take generations to reconcile. You have to take responsibility for what you know about yourself and what you don’t know yet because both sides of that coin are you. You carry your shadow energy everywhere you go, and for some people, it’s like traveling with 10 massive suitcases stuffed to the brim with unacknowledged emotions. Wouldn’t you like to leave those suitcases behind? I’m here to help you make sense of it all in a safe space where no one will judge you as we look at what you’ve been carrying around all these years. I’ve been carrying my own stuff, and who knows – maybe mine is crazier than yours! Click here to learn more about Of Light And Shadow.

The deeper magic of Of Light and Shadow 6 class

In my Of Light And Shadow 6: Integration Ceremony and Practical Tips for Maintaining Integration class, we will set and seal your integration intentions. We will perform an alchemical ritual, to help you complete the integration process, using the four elements to release any remaining trauma. This session will provide you with tools, tips, and recommendations for carrying this work forward in your daily life. Channeled messages for class members will reveal important wisdom and insights to support your evolution.

Once you have purchased your class, log into your SG account, and you will have access to the OLAS 6 online classroom webpage here. This classroom page includes the prerecorded class for you to view in your own time, as well as additional free bonus class materials to enrich your learning experience.


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