New Moon Spirit Animal Set: Buffalo for abundance and gratitude

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This month, we honor the buffalo as our totem for the new moon in Taurus. Both the buffalo and Taurus are symbols of the abundant gifts of the Earth and our capacity to receive and enjoy our many blessings. My New Moon Spirit Animal Set: Buffalo is filled with tools to work with this rich, bountiful energy to create more abundance in your own life.

On May 4, the new moon will be in Taurus, the sign of the Earth Goddess, manifestation, resources, sensual pleasure, and the embodiment of beauty. The buffalo is a powerful Taurus totem – grounded and practical yet highly spiritual. During this new moon, we’ll channel buffalo energy, a symbol of the sacred path you must walk, looking to Spirit for guidance and honoring every aspect of your existence with gratitude. This majestic creature also reminds you to stay connected to Earth and all her gifts. Buffalo is an earthbound spirit, one that channels the elements and relies on nature’s resources in order to survive. Traditionally, buffalo was a primary source of food, clothing, bedding, and so much more – every part of the animal was used and spiritually, it was honored as a symbol of sacred life.

The buffalo walks a sacred path, knowing the planet is truly a holy space and a living, breathing organism just like you and me. One of the main keys to a life of abundance and prosperity is knowing and loving what you already have. Another key is understanding that struggle isn’t necessary in order to survive. Work with the tools in this New Moon Spirit Animal Set: Buffalo to call on the elements, plant your feet deeply into Mother Earth, raise your hands to Father Sky, and call in what you love and desire with prayers of gratitude as though you already have it… for you do. In this new moon ritual, you are the medicine, life is the ritual, and you are one with All That Is.

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The tools in my New Moon Spirit Animal Set: Buffalo

First, you’ll receive one (1) 15 ml bottle of my Wakan Perfume. This blend of tobacco, patchouli, white sage, and styrax is sensual, earthy, and sacred. Wakan is the Lakota term for divine or sacred and is translated as “Great Spirit” or “Great Mystery.” Tobacco is a sacred medicine plant that connects you to the wisdom of our Native Peoples. It also connects you to the Earth, with a grounding presence that calls you back to the now. Patchouli helps to break long-held patterns of shame and low self-worth, inspiring balanced introspection and real self-love in turn. White sage is powerfully purifying and styrax is protective, grounding, and enhances inner visions. Anoint yourself with Wakan to feel your divine connection with both Earth and Spirit.

Next in this New Moon Spirit Animal Set: Buffalo is one (1) 7 Directions Mini Candle Set (each candle is about 4” tall). Each of these mini candles is hand-rolled with a beeswax sheet in a color representing one of the seven sacred directions and elements: Black for North and Earth, yellow for East and Air, red for South and Fire, blue for West and Water, white for As Above, brown for So Below, and green for Here and Now. In our New Moon Ceremony, we’ll place these candles around the slate plate included in this set to call on the 7 sacred directions and elements.

New Moon Spirit Animal Set: Buffalo also comes with 7 gemstones – one for each of the seven sacred directions:

One (1) cacholong white opal to represent the North. Cacholong white opal assists in bringing your life back into balance and rekindles hope and optimism. It promotes a positive mood and helps you feel protected. Historically, cacholong white opal has been used as a token of love.

One (1) yellow jasper to represent the East. Yellow jasper creates a sense of stability and gives you a feeling of being “enough” – enough to make it through your hardest times, and enough to be able to deal with any situation.

One (1) almandine garnet to represent the South. Almandine garnet enhances endurance and helps you to anchor your dreams in reality. It activates the Root Chakra, bringing strength, grounding, and vitality.

One (1) onyx to represent the West. Onyx is a stone of will, strength, and endurance that will work with you to fulfill your tasks and commitments with focus, grit, and determination.

One (1) rhodochrosite to represent Above. Rhodochrosite helps you find happiness and feel prepared and open to greater love. It improves self-worth and self-confidence. Let rhodochrosite’s soothing magic heal your past and ready you for the future.

One (1) shungite to represent Below. Shungite purifies and protects – it removes any and all negativity. This stone of truth draws in so much spiritual light that I find it incredibly difficult to embody even the slightest shred of negativity in its presence.

One (1) fire agate to represent Center. Fire Agate seals holes in the auric field, so shamans and healers find it helpful when working with clients whose energy is depleted, porous, or toxic. This stone is also used for journeying and vision questing and helps you take action in your life, following your highest purpose.

Finally, as a bonus, you’ll receive one (1) printed slate plate. This circular slate plate is printed with a guide of the 7 sacred directions. Use it to grid your candles and stones during ceremony.

This listing is for one (1) New Moon Spirit Animal Set: Buffalo as described above. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled along with a single leaf of white sage and a parchment describing the properties of the stones.

Magical New Moon Blessings,

Shipping note: This product contains handmade items that may take up to 2 weeks to create, craft, and ship. To ensure receiving your items in time for an event, holiday, or specific date, please place your order at least 2 weeks in advance.

Note: Always burn your candles on a heatproof dish on a stable surface, and never leave a burning candle unattended. The perfume in this set is made with natural essential oils and absolutes and may contain fragrance oils. Cap color, chip stone, and color may vary slightly. For external use only.

Note: This item was not produced or purported to be produced by any Indian artisan or tribe. Use of the terms Native American, American Indian, or Indian is not included for marketing purposes. 

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