Minoan Full Moon: Metamorphosis Ritual Set for unfolding your wings of rebirth

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This month, explore the Magic of Minoa with our Minoan Full Moon: Metamorphosis Ritual Set. Minoa was a very powerful matriarchy, perhaps the first, primary society ruled by women. This mysterious civilization thrived on the island of Crete and other Aegean islands, preceding ancient Greece. Minoan language and writing remain undeciphered, and we may never find the answers to questions raised and debated by historians, archaeologists, and anthropologists. It’s unclear why the Minoan period ended. Mystery beckons us forward, reminding us of our own mystery. Minoa reconnects us with our ability to transform, leaving only traces of evidence to what we once were. We, just as she, can change, appear, and disappear.

The Minoan Goddess in her butterfly form is represented by a labyris, a double axe with blades emerging like two wings. This mighty symbol of the goddess as a butterfly stands for transformation in all its stages, and celebrates rebirth inherent to the process. The butterfly’s cycle, from egg to caterpillar and chrysalis, into its delicate wings of endurance, mirrors our soul’s evolution, and the cycles of life. The labyris is a powerful Minoan symbol, akin to the cross of Christianity and crescent of Islam. Prior to the decline of this civilization, the labyris was never depicted in the hands of a man. It was frequently held by women – and woman represents the feminine – form – everything that changes.

My heart and soul went into the creation of this set, as I am a descendent of Minoa. We all transform and shapeshift, becoming more of our true selves. Through periods of dissolving, as the caterpillar in the cocoon, we surrender our current form to alchemize in miraculous new ways. No part of us is lost, but the new version can look and feel drastically different. Just as we imagine it does for the butterfly emerging anew, on wings that will carry it across the sky, across the world.

May these tools support you as your follow your path of transformation with fierce courage, strength, and gentle allowance of what is to come. Perhaps Minoa’s butterfly image was more real than we imagine. Fly with her! Your flight is a blessing to the world.

The tools of my Minoan Full Moon: Metamorphosis Ritual Set

One (1) 15 ml bottle of Shapeshift Perfume. I designed Shapeshift to act as a guide on your path of transformation. This stunning blend comes alive with notes of clary sage, amber, and ravintsara – a super rare essential oil that I have never before used in a Sage Goddess blend. Each bottle of Shapeshift has been infused with a labradorite chip stone, the stone of new beginnings.

One (1) 6 oz. Metamorphosis Candle. My Metamorphosis Candles were lovingly hand-poured with soy wax right here at SG Headquarters. Each one has been infused with my Shapeshift Perfume, then topped with poppy seed, fennel, and honeysuckle.

You will also receive one (1) Minoan Full Moon stone set. This set will include:

One (1) piece of auralite 23 (about .75”). An otherworldly combination of twenty-three gemstones and materials, auralite 23 is a tool of ascension, protection, and healing. This stone enhances psychic abilities and facilitates Spirit contact – all while keeping you grounded and safe.

One (1) piece of golden rutilated quartz (about 1.5”). Rutilated quartz is a straight up transformation stone. It changes things, reflects change, brings intuition about change, and gives you a lightning bolt of courage to make change as needed.

One (1) piece of leopardskin jasper (about 1”). Leopardskin jasper is sacred to Native Americans, who consider it their stone ally in ceremonial work. This stone helps you manage and navigate change, adapting to your circumstances and maintaining your energetic equilibrium.

One (1) piece of scheelite (about .75”). Scheelite is a stone of freedom and expansion. This gem helps you break free from constraints – perceived or real – so that you can fly. If you wish to explore the outer limits of your own creativity, this will be your guide.

You also have the option of receiving one (1) 8×10 gorgeous piece of SG canvas art with your set. This canvas art was designed right here at SG Headquarters by my talented team of graphic designers, and carries potent energies of transformation and rebirth. Place this canvas on your altar as a reminder of your powerful ability to shapeshift, evolve, and emerge as something even stronger, and more beautiful, than what you were before.

Note: Please always burn your candle on a heat proof stable surface, and never leave a burning candle unattended. Also, the perfume in this set is made with natural essential and carrier oils, and may contain fragrance oils. Cap color, chip stone, and color may vary slightly. For external use only.

This listing is for one (1) Minoan Full Moon: Metamorphosis Ritual Set, as listed above. Choose your offering from the drop down menu above. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled along with a parchment describing the properties of each stone.

And so it is,

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