Mini brass Kali statues for transforming fear into courage

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I just adore these mini brass kali statues. They are so well made and beautifully designed, and small enough where you can take them with you wherever you go, or place them virtually anywhere in your space. Each of these mini brass Kali statues has been meticulously crafted to include the most intricate of features. The black antique finish gives the pieces an ancient look. Carry Kali with you in your purse, or adorn your altar with her presence and power.

Kali is the Mother of the Universe. The creator, and the destroyer. She has little mercy for those who battle her, but she is also the most loving and compassionate of all the Hindu goddesses. Kali is the goddess of death and destruction, but we do not need to fear her. For it is the death of the ego that Kali facilitates within us, something that is necessary for our spiritual growth. We call on Kali to help us destroy our ego self, the part of us that holds us back from fulfilling our Highest Self. When our ego has too much power, it blocks our connection to Source, and traps us in earthly trials often fueled by negative attachments. Kali uses her sheer force to destroy what is harming our Highest Good. If you have been called to work with Kali, these mini brass Kali statues will be your ally as you do your shadow work with her.

The deeper magic of these mini brass Kali statues

Working with Kali can be both exciting and terrifying. Exciting because on the other side of her slashing through your ego fears, doubts, and limitations, a world of opportunities exists. Terrifying because the ego will do anything in its power to hold on for its survival. This is no easy work, but Kali promises to walk each step of the path with you.

“Om Kring Kalikaye Namah” – this is a sound representation of the Mother. Chant this Kali mantra to elevate you to pure consciousness.

This listing is for one (1) mini brass Kali statue about 1.25” in size. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled for your delight and enjoyment.


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