Manifestation Grid for Wish Fulfillment and Good Fortune w/ Money Draw Perfume Sample

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When you call upon the Universe to aid you in fulfilling your highest purpose, the Universe will listen. Consider this Manifestation Grid your call. Made up of a series of gemstones specific to wish fulfillment and luck, this grid is meant for anyone looking to fulfill their longest-held and deepest desires.

The Deeper Magic of this Manifestation Grid with Money Draw perfume sample

The first gemstone I’ve included in this grid is one (1) about .5-1″ citrine generator. Citrine is my go-to manifestation stone. It opens up the Solar Plexus Chakra and awakens your personal power, making it a highly effective  energy transformation tool that will amplify your vibrations, revitalize your soul, and give you the will to fulfill the aspirations that lie deepest within you. The shape of the generator pulls energy directly from Source and pushes it out into your very own space, making it a perfect centerpiece to your grid.

Next, I’ve included four (4) pieces of about .5-1″ golden labradorite. This gemstone is also associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, and offers empowerment, intuition, courage, and the wisdom to understand what you’ve been called to. Its masculine energy is fiery and strong, and will help  you to remain centered as you propel yourself towards where you want to be.

This set also includes four (4) pieces of about .5-1″ golden topaz, a deeply sensitive stone that was revered in ancient times as a talisman of emotional growth and protection. Today, we know topaz as an incredible healer and messenger of clarity for the bearer. This gem will add emotional depth to your grid, attuning you to the spiritual purpose behind that which you wish to manifest.

Next are four ( 4) about .5-1″ fluorite octahedrons. Known as the stone of discernment, fluorite will aid in aligning your natural talents and gifts with your search for purpose in this world. Eight is the number of abundance, and the eight-sided nature of these stones amplifies their ability to bring you wisdom, and understanding of your path.

Next, I’ve included four (4) about .5-1″ pieces of yellow apatite. This delicate-looking, yet immensely powerful gemstone feels like the sun captured in crystal form. This stone will lead you to envision your dreams more vividly than ever, and will help you step into personal power while you work to turn those dreams into reality.

The last stones I’ve included are eight (8) rutilated quartz chip stones. Rutilated quartz is the ultimate transformation stone. It brings about rapid change and helps you integrate those changes with power, courage, and grace. This magical  gemstone will quicken the pace of manifestation and before you know it, you’ll be on the path to your higher calling.

Lastly, this manifestation grid comes with a sample of my Money Draw perfume. This rich blend incorporates patchouli, peppermint, and five finger grass, all of which have been long used by our ancestors to attract wealth and luck. Wear this perfume or anoint the crystals of your grid with it to amplify the energy of manifestation.

This listing is for one (1) Manifestation Grid, as described above. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled for your enjoyment and delight, with a parchment describing the properties of your gemstones.

Gem Blessings,

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