Make It Happen Candle Trio for manifestation and prosperity

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I created this Make it Happen Candle Trio to help you make your dreams come true. I united this specific trio of hand-rolled candles to help you manifest success and prosperity. I make these pillar candles so that you can work with them energetically in your rituals while enjoying their beauty, fragrance, and magical ambient glow.

My intention pillar candles are made with magical layers: color magic, gemstone magic, and aroma magic, which are set into motion with the addition of fire. By layering energies into your magical work, you can solidify and strengthen your ritual intentions. This Make It Happen Candle Trio will bring you the energy you need to bring your inner vision into reality.

The magic of my Make It Happen Candle Trio

The first tool you’ll receive in this trio is one (1) Manifestation Candle. This candle makes things happen! We hand-roll them right here at SG with beeswax anointed with my Manifestation Perfume. This candle radiates the colors of power and creativity: Yellow, orange, and burgundy. We infuse amethyst and citrine chip stones into the beeswax layers for major mojo, and I’m including an invocation to speak aloud before lighting. Work with this candle on the new moon to tap into the energy of new beginnings and initiation.

Next, you will receive one (1) Prosperity Candle. This candle opens the door for wealth and opportunity to walk right in! We hand-roll these candles in the colors of prosperity. Sheets of green, light blue, and black beeswax are infused with citrine chip stones and anointed with my Fortuna Perfume. Citrine brings attraction and good fortune. You can work with this candle halfway between the new and full moon to invoke the energies of prosperity and abundance. This candle comes with a prosperity invocation to speak aloud as you light it.

The third and final tool you’ll receive is one (1) Success Candle. This candle invokes Lord Ganesha to remove obstacles from your pathway to success. Sheets of gold and yellow beeswax, the sacred colors of Lord Ganesha, are hand-rolled, then anointed with my Via Perfume. We infuse each candle with green aventurine and prehnite chip stones for growth, healing, and success. Work with this candle at the full moon to clear the way for you to complete your magical work. Call upon Lord Ganesha by reading the included invocation aloud as you light your candle.

This listing is for one (1) Make It Happen Intention Candle Trio (each candle is about 8”), as described above. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled for your enjoyment.


Note: Please remove label before burning candle, always use a heatproof dish on a stable surface, and never leave a burning candle unattended.

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