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This Limited Edition Pearl Perfume and Butterfly Perfume Bottle Duo is a special offering! My Limited Edition Pearl Perfume is the second in a line I am creating to honor the matriarchs who shaped my personal family, the magical women in my line on whose shoulders I stand. This, the second, is Pearl, named after my maternal grandmother, whose name was Pearl Roselle. Pearl Perfume is created with ALL her favorite essential oil notes of white lotus from Indonesia, gardenia and tuberose from southeast Asia, and white rose absolute; then Pearl is infused with rose quartz and leopardskin jasper chip stones for wisdom, unconditional love, and passion, which are the traits I feel my grandmother most powerfully instilled within me. Pearl is a close-to-my-heart perfume that will connect you with the energy stream of unconditional love, and also a deep and abiding faith. Pearl was a minister who was raised by ministers in the church. Never before and never since have I met anyone like my grandmother whose faith never faltered – even after miscarriages and the tragic death of her oldest daughter at age 40. The experience of this perfume is like being held the way only a grandmother can. It’s deep, bold, and yet also soothing, healing, and truly sweet. This blend is for you and your heart. I can’t wait for you to experience Pearl for yourself. I hope it brings you closer to the woman I lost in 1999 but whose spirit continues to walk alongside me, guiding me from the place her spirit resides now.

The deeper magic of my Limited Edition Pearl Perfume and Butterfly Perfume Bottle Duo

You will receive the following:

One (1) 17 ml bottle of my Limited Edition Pearl Perfume. I was lucky enough to have the type of grandmother everyone wishes for. She cooked and baked cookies and put wayyyyy too much sugar in my tea. I was allowed to touch anything, play with anything, and explore whatever I wanted when I was at her house. She was an Aquarius through and through. Whatever you wanted to do, to believe, to follow, she was there for it. But underneath her free and open spirit was a powerful woman of God who could minister like no other. She introduced me to God – and not the God that turns everyone off. Not the fear-inspiring spiritual dictator but the authentic source of universal love. Her eternal message was that God loved me, was in my corner, and that I could turn my troubles and problems over to him and simply leave them there – trusting that He had my back. When she died, I immediately longed for her because she was a little naughty and yet all pure love. She had a fun sense of humor but was also able to answer all my tricky complex spiritual questions, quoting scripture like she had memorized it. Because she had.

Funny enough, Zoe was born 10 years after she died, but they are twins. Blonde-haired, blue-eyed rebels with a deep spiritual streak. Free spirits with open minds but strong convictions. Zoe talks about Grandma Pearl like she’s still here. And you know, I think in so many ways she absolutely is.

My grandma loved gardenias, pikake jasmine, tuberose – all the white flowers. She never had the chance to experience white lotus but she would have ‘flipped her lid’ for it, to use her words. So here it is, grandma, a perfume I would have so gladly made for you in life, but I make it now to honor you and all that you brought into being in your time here with us. You are still so loved, so remembered, so appreciated.

Pearl is for you if you are looking for love or want to feel deeply accepted. Anoint with this blend during meditation, allowing it to pull you deeper into your heart for healing, awareness, and understanding. Place a few drops on your love stones and candles to work with during ritual and ceremony to sense peace and acceptance despite your flaws. My grandma accepted everyone and would never have judged you. She called you “darlin” as soon as she met you. You would have been instant family to her.

One (1) 8 ml Butterfly Perfume Bottle. This enchanting perfume bottle features a faceted glass applicator top. It’s beautifully designed with sparkles and jewels for an added layer of captivating magic. Butterfly spirit animal helps you release the old to make room for the new. It invites you to consider what stage of change you’re in and who you’re becoming. All change is good – it ensures growth – and you can make it as joyful, sweet, and gentle as you want. Butterfly is an air creature that can float in the breeze. It shows you how to lighten up, move, and dance! Work with this Butterfly Perfume Bottle to store your favorite SG perfume or essential oils. Place it on your altar, desk, or nightstand to bring beauty to your sacred space.

However you work with my Limited Edition Pearl Perfume and Butterfly Perfume Bottle Duo, may they serve you well. I’m glad you got a bottle. It’s not like anything I’ve made before, and it means the world to me.

This listing is for one (1) Limited Edition Pearl Perfume and Butterfly Perfume Bottle Duo, as described above. You also have the option of purchasing Pearl Perfume on its own. Please choose the offering that calls to you from the drop-down menu. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled, ready for your enjoyment.


Note: Limited Edition Pearl Perfume is made with natural essential and carrier oils and may contain fragrance oils. Cap color, chip stone, and color may vary slightly. For external use only.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

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  1. Limited Edition Pearl Perfume


    I bought this for my mother in law for a Christmas gift. Her name is Perla and she is an Aquarius. The description you wrote about your grandmother fits my mother in law to a tee. This perfume smells amazing.

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  2. Duo delight

    Barbara Winch

    Absolutely divine, stunning bottle and exquisite perfume. Love, love, love

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  3. Maternal Wisdom in a Bottle!


    A scent to remind all women of all women! Who is that wise, matriarchal figure in your life? This will summon her wisdom. (And the bottle is gorgeous!)

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  4. Who Wouldn't Love This Perfume Duo


    I never really knew either of my grandmothers. My paternal “Mimi” passed away when I was three. I know that I was held in her arms only once. From the stories I’ve been told she probably wore pearls to church, and sounds just like this “Pearl” described so beautifully here. My maternal grandmother lived 3,000 miles away. I rarely saw her, but felt her love for me in a way only she would understand. She inspired me even after her passing to name one of my daughters, Rose. This deeply nurturing blend is a balm for the soul. The exquitely designed perfume bottle is too pretty for me to give away, but it will be a keepsake in my family long after I’m gone. I may purchase a few more, but hope it doesn’t sell out soon. Thank you, Athena, for creating this inspiring perfume blend, and for designing the limited edition bottle for this duo.

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  5. Grandma's love


    The way Athena described her grandmother, it brought back memories of my own. Every time I put it on, I tell myself “I’m surrounded by my grandma’s love” I miss her so much. The scent is nice and light, just perfect.

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  6. paula.lemire

    Lovely, delicate fresh scent.

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  7. Strong Meaning for me!


    I absolutely just had to order this! One I love the notes in this so I believe I will really like the blend a lot and will continue to wear it often.

    My Paternal Grandmother’s name was Pearl! She passed away as well which was about 5 years ago. This I can use to remember her. I am happy she is with my grandfather in heaven. She was loved by so many people. Many I didn’t know. I am her youngest grandchild. She has great grandchildren as well. I also like wearing pearls on occasion. What is also cool is that this perfume contains Rose in it and that is my Maternal Grandmother’s name! She is one of my favourite people ever! Because of her I try to live each day with gratitude! She is so selfless and will always help anyone that needs it. She always puts others first. I can have this perfume be in my collection and bring such sentimental value. Thank you so much Athena and to Sage Goddess! I can’t wait to get this in the mail and have it with me as I go on through my life’s journey! Especially that it says Guided Perfume! I deeply feel that I am spiritually connected to my ancestors, and spirit guides, and other spiritual beings that want nothing but the best for me. I have been through so much in my life and I struggle almost daily especially with chronic pain. I lost my job as a nurse because of my health conditions because I was so burnt out and the position was so hard on my body. I am now going through the process of finding a new nursing job where I can perform the best care possible for my patients and also be able to care for myself and feel happier overall and be exactly where I am supposed to me. I am recognizing synchronicities almost everyday and I can use my intuition to process the meaning of things. I know the universe supports me and I feel it as I continue to work with my crystals and express gratitude more often. I am working on being the best version of myself and I can’t wait to continually undergo positive transformation in my life

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  8. 4 out of 4 people found this helpful

    A Beautiful Tribute


    I am aware that these reviews are to be written once the product is bought and used. However, I could not pass up the opportunity to say how beautiful this tribute to your grandmother is! Not only is it eloquently written but you can feel the love, honor and bond that you held with your grandmother. I never thought a product description would bring me to tears like this, hallmark commercials always got me but this is definitely a first❣
    The description has me there with you, feeling like I knew her and loved her as well. I envy the bond but I also was lucky to have had a grandmother who loved me and made me feel special.
    I am hoping I could pull together some funds to buy this but if not I would love to print this and add to my collection of sentimental stories from the heart. So much gratitude and love to you for sharing this space❣💜🥰😘

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    • Moongoddessaurora

      This mirrors my grandmother in so many ways,, and yes her name was Pearl, loved the same fragrances, baked,, and so many likenesses she was not an Aquarius though.

      I loved her so much and was one of the few people that loved me unconditionally. Your tribute was heart felt and a true grandma’s portrayal Thank you,

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