The Life of Lemuria for mystical wisdom and Divine Feminine expression

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Explore the depths, majesty, and mystery of the primordial civilization, Lemuria, with my latest offering: The Life of Lemuria! This offering is filled with intentionally curated tools and talismans that conjure, hold, and honor the wisdom and sacredness of this lost civilization. The Life of Lemuria is for every goddess who desires to tap into and connect with the energy and essence of Lemuria.

The Life of Lemuria comes with a turbo shell, air plant, and a collection of hand-picked crystals – including tumbled blue hemimorphite, tumbled Lemurian blue onyx, tumbled chrysocolla, and a Lemurian quartz point. Work with these tools to hold and honor the mystery and magic of this civilization and to strengthen your connection to Her.

The deeper magic of The Life of Lemuria

Lemuria is the lost civilization that was a mystical, matriarchal, and spiritually advanced culture with connections to the cosmos that were much more sophisticated than we enjoy today. I have studied the legend of Lemuria for years because it reflects my own lifelong explorations. With this offering, you will receive:

One (1) polished turbo shell. These polished turbo shells bring forth the mystical magic of Water. A pure yin or feminine element, water expresses itself as nurturing, protective, caring, and comforting. When you evoke this element, you honor your own fluidity and healing ability, connect deeply with your emotional body, and acknowledge and honor the cycles of life. Use your turbo shell as a heat-proof dish to burn your sacred smudging herbs, or to hold your gemstones and sacred jewelry.

One (1) air plant. Tillandsia or air plants are named so because they receive the vast majority of nutrients from the air. A low-maintenance plant, air plants symbolize and strongly associate with the element of air, especially since they do not require soil to grow or take root in. The Air responds to the mind, wisdom, spirit, and the soul, and reminds us to move from a space of freedom, expansiveness, and elevation.

One (1) tumbled blue hemimorphite. In its blue form, hemimorphite strengthens self-esteem and heals the Throat Chakra, facilitating better communication. It aids in the expression of truthful feelings, helps to resolve difficult relationship issues, and can assist in the bearer’s ability to share issues and needs with clarity.

One (1) tumbled Lemurian blue onyx. This stone is also known as “sky” or “Heaven” onyx. Legends tie blue onyx to ancient Lemuria as one of the “keystones” of spiritual ascension. It was used by the Lemurian priestesses to access other realms. The vibration of these blue onyx pyramids is of a serene blanket and it channels the vibrations of the Higher Realms.

One (1) tumbled chrysocolla. Tumbled chrysocolla allows us to express ourselves freely and channel universal wisdom about our purpose in life. Chrysocolla strongly represents the Sacred Feminine, activates the Throat Chakra for clear communication, and is bolstered by ancient intelligence and tempered by the strength of the enduring Goddess. Chrysocolla allows you to tap into the ageless wisdom of the goddess and reveal your life purpose.

One (1) Lemurian quartz point. This type of quartz has so much to offer. Each of these Lemurian quartz points has been programmed with the Higher wisdom and Divine Feminine energies of the Lemurian civilization; the energies of unconditional love and healing, and the knowledge that all are one.

Note: To care for your air plant, soak it in room temperature tap water for 5-10 minutes, every one to two weeks. After soaking gently shake excess water from your plant. Turn it upside down and place it on a towel in a bright space.

This listing is for one (1) The Life of Lemuria Set. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled along with a single leaf of white sage and parchment describing the properties of the stones.


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