Lemurian Light Wands for decoding the past and receiving ancient wisdom

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Channel the energy of a long lost civilization with these enchanting Lemurian Light Wands. Lemurian light crystal enhances visions and activates more of your mental capacities and psychic abilities. These Lemurian Light Wands are crystal clear and hold so much energy of Lemuria. As you hold these wands, allow your fingers to run over each of the lines, revealing to you stories of the past.

The deeper magic of these Lemurian Light Wands

Each Lemurian Light Wand has been encoded, or seeded, with the higher wisdom and divine feminine energies of the Lemurian civilization – a spiritually advanced matriarchal culture that had connections to the cosmos which were much more sophisticated than we enjoy today. Lemurian light crystal is known as a teaching stone or shaman’s stone and imparts ancient wisdom. It’s said that all Lemurian crystals know their owners and summon them upon sight. Each line of their markings contains a secret and hidden message for you to decode. You can even use these wands to charge your other gems with the energy of Lemuria.

Lemurian light crystals offer deep energy which is soothing to your consciousness. They are wonderful for relieving stress and bringing about a state of deep meditation, as they open the mind to receive inner guidance and inspiration. Lemurian light crystals activate the Crown and Soul Star Chakras, as well as the “Mouth of God” energy point located at the back of the skull. In Kriya yoga tradition, this point is believed to be the entry point for prana or life force energy, and the place of connection to the Christ Consciousness. Hold your Lemurian Light Wand in meditation as you surrender to deep states of consciousness.

This listing is for one (1) Lemurian Light Wand (about 3-4”). Yours will arrive lovingly parceled along with a single leaf of white sage and a card describing the properties of the stone.


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