Kundalini Ritual Set for Awakening New Consciousness and Sensuality

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July is a month known for its fireworks – and in our ritual work for this month, we will be igniting the explosive potential of our Kundalini. This primal energy that lies coiled at the base of the spine is a great force, the energy of transformative sexual awakening, spiritual enlightenment, and new states of consciousness. The Kundalini is pure desire, sleeping within – we need to awaken this vital energy, to feel it and move into a higher spirituality. This month, we shed the old, what we have outgrown, and embrace pure desire.These are our tools to awaken and engage the Kundalini in our magical work this month. First is the Kundalini beeswax candle, to represent the energy of the snake within and its twisting, weaving through our energy centers as it rises. As the Kundalini rises up from the root chakra, it makes us alive, invigorating our life force. The snake adorning this candle represents that vital energy, and the duality of the Divine union. Next in this set is Slither, a special and limited edition massage oil. This is an oil meant to be used with another, to smooth over your partner’s skin and build sensual energy. Use it to release all that impedes your Kundalini, to set free your fears and worries, to lower your guard so you can welcome the rise of your inner serpent. With a warm, soothing scent that invites relaxation, Slither helps you to tap into the Kundalini and its pure desire.The stones included for our July ritual are:

ORANGE CALCITE is a stone that will make you come alive. It heightens creative and sexual energies and stimulates the senses. More than any other sacral chakra stone, orange calcite magnetizes energy around your creative energy center and draws high vibrations toward it – and toward you.
SHIVA LINGAM is the Sex Stone. Seriously! It single-handedly rises the Kundalini, or sexual energy center, in each of us. Shiva Lingam brings sexual awakening, reinvigorating boring, stagnant, or non-existent sex lives. It also spurs creativity and inspiration, since the sacral chakra isn’t just your sexual center, but your creativity center as well.
CARNELIAN offers a boost of energy and stamina unlike any other. This stone is the gem form of caffeine. When I need a boost and extra energy, I turn to carnelian. It brings the stamina and encouragement to keep going even when the going is rough. Carnelian is also a sacral chakra stone par excellence, opening that center of creativity wide to help you birth your creations in the world.
PEACH MOONSTONE is the emotional healer of the moonstone family, allowing you to see beneath the surface of your challenges and explore and heal the feelings you uncover. It release worries and anxiety while giving one a desire to live life in all its divinity. Allow peach moonstone to help you remove all that impedes the potential of your Kundalini, waiting to be awakened.
SERPENTINE carries snake medicine, working to awaken the Kundalini and heal sexual issues. The name serpentine comes from the Greek word serpens, which means snake, and that’s how serpentine’s energy works – it mimics the motion of a snake, drawing your Kundalini energy up through every chakra. It winds through every chakra, opening and engaging each for a totally transformative experience.
TANGERINE QUARTZ, for connecting to your inner warrior and releasing all that you fear. It’s the number one stone for eliminating fear, bringing courage, hope, fertility, possibility and creative problem-solving skills to the bearer. And it activates both the solar plexus and sacral chakras so it pulls you right into your personal power, opening you to the experiences that lie ahead with confidence and strength.

This incredible listing is for (1) beeswax candle, (1) bottle of Slither massage oil, and (6) gemstones, along with a blessing to use with your new magical tools. Awaken the primal power awaiting within. May these tools bring you to the union of Divine feminine and masculine, and new states of consciousness.

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Kundalini Candle, Kundalini Ritual Set

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